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Katie Malik

Founder & Creative Director

Katie Malik brings years of diverse interior design experience to the home improvement industry in her Cambridge based studio. After graduating from Cambridge University as a linguist specialist, she began her new training in Interior Design at Chelsea College of Art in London and the National Design Academy.


Katie’s work has received a lot of recognition as a contemporary interior designer and was awarded by Lux and the UK Property Awards. Additionally, her work has been featured in the Ideal Home Magazine and Houzz editorial articles, as well as her appearance on the d-list in 2019. She became a finalist of the Grand Designs live in 2018.


Being experienced in the design field for years had brought Katie an interest in creating books showcasing her works; ‘Love your space’ and ‘Home Interiors: adult colouring book’ cover multiple homes, including styles such as minimalist interior design and Scandinavian interior design, she had previously worked on.

Katie and her team’s goal is to transform stressful homes into peaceful, nurturing spaces for growth and success. KMI team stays extremely organised and very detail-oriented, having exceptional planning and design skills for new, spatial ideas. Katie is skilled in furniture, finishes and fixtures selection, and project management. Katie’s team are problem-solvers, and every day, they commit to building a safe, sustainable, innovative, and healthier environment for their clients.

The Team

at Katie Malik Interiors

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Piotr Packanik

Head of CGI

Piotr has trained in IT at the University of Information Technology and Management, and creates beautiful, photorealistic computer-generated imagery of the spaces we design for our clients.


We are a small team of professional interior designers and a CGI (Computer-generated imagery) specialist. We work efficiently and with a passion to bring creative solutions to our clients’ spaces. Whether it’s a home, a shop, a hotel or a  development, we apply the same creative approach that starts with our client's vision.

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Chloe Clark

Interior Designer

Chloe trained in Interior Design & Architecture at Middlesex University.


Chloe brings years of experience creating high end, innovative and unique front of house catering designs for the commercial catering industry.


Chloe highly enjoys the versatility within projects and brings a fresh vision to each project she works on.  


Gabi Kovaks

Senior Interior Designer

Gabi brings over 20 years of diverse interior design & interior architecture experience and expertise to Katie Malik Interiors team.


Gabi trained as an Architect at the Technical University of Budapest and has worked on a range of projects across the globe, including private residences, luxury hotels, restaurants, industrial interior design, cafes, and shops. Gabi’s interest in Fine Arts adds a particular angle to her wonderful conceptual and space planning skills and freehand sketching.


Jo Jeffries

Interior Designer

Jo trained at the National Design Academy.  Jo’s main focus is to holistically design spaces that stimulate all the senses and create the mood that is appropriate for the room.

Jo’s interior design influences come from many years of traveling around the world. Staying at many hotels, she was struck by how all the senses are affected by light, colour, sound, and scent in space, and how these elements affect the mood of the people in that space.


Aneta Kepka

Interior Designer

Aneta trained in Interior Design in Retail Environment at the London College of Communication and is simply a natural-born designer, with a big passion for bringing to life an artistic vision for work and living spaces, focusing on the design interaction, the influence and impact the space design has on its users, as well as seeing out a project from conception to creation.