bespoke furniture design

Interior design is all about bringing your vision to life, and furniture is a substantial part of that. This is so much the case that you could entirely ruin your efforts towards the right layout or decoration with the wrong furniture selections. Despite your best efforts, cookie-cutter options out of the latest big-brand catalogue could see you failing to love your space after a great deal of work. 

This is something we here at KM Interiors have seen first-hand. And, it’s a problem we’ve addressed with our bespoke furniture design. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their unique vision comes to life. Part of that personalised service involves making sure your furniture is 100% suited to you from concept to construction. This is, by far, the best way to make the most of your interiors on the whole.

01 the benefits of using bespoke furniture?

Whether in a residential or commercial setting, your interior choices are a reflection of you. The way you decorate your home shows what you value most, while business interiors reflect company ethics. Attempting to fit furniture made with someone else’s vision in mind can, therefore, disrupt even a carefully curated space. Not only can pre-made furniture ruin overall interior appearance, but it can also leave you compromising on what it is that you really want. 

These are problems you can easily overcome with even a few pieces of bespoke furniture in your space. The moment you contact a member of our team to discuss your bespoke furniture needs, you can enjoy benefits including – 

  • Furniture entirely unique to you

  • A 100% curated space

  • No more compromises

  • Pieces customised to your particular needs

02 our bespoke furniture process

As soon as you contact our bespoke design team, we’ll arrange a one-on-one consultation with you. During this meeting, we’ll take time to understand as much as we possibly can about your personal furniture preferences. We’ll gather basic information about everything from budget to your specific furniture needs. Once we understand what you want, our designers will go away and develop a brief package which will include –

  • Photorealistic visuals

  • Design drawings

  • Proposed finishes/materials

This stage of the process will take as long as is necessary to make you happy. Once you’re 100% satisfied with our design vision, we’ll then get to work bringing your furniture vision to life.

03 km interiors for guaranteed quality

We pride ourselves on finishing every single project to the highest possible standards. To ensure the same high standard results with our bespoke joinery designs, we follow every joinery consultation with a design package, which is 100% customisable depending on your feedback. Our designers will take what they learn during your initial meeting to develop photorealistic visuals, design drawings, and even proposed finishes/materials. This will provide you a chance to see how your designs will look, and to request any changes necessary to achieve a quality which you’re happy with. We will then only send those completed designs to our recommended joinery firms. These are companies whom we have worked with successfully on multiple occasions, and who keep the same quality standards in mind as us throughout each project. 


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