bespoke joinery design

Whether you’re embarking on a new kitchen or a space-saving living room design, bespoke joinery services like those offered by KM Interiors can work wonders for bringing your vision to life. Quality joinery may not be as apparent a priority as decor or furniture, but this is often what provides the wow-factor on any project. Luckily, our experienced interior team have the knowledge necessary to design and oversee everything from your kitchen worktops to that stunning living room cabinet. We can even use our joinery expertise to help you get your office desks and cabinets 100% suited to your business needs. All the better for guaranteeing that you’ll love your new interiors for a long time to come. 

01 understanding your bespoke joinery needs

As is the case with all our services, you and your needs are our main priority when it comes to these bespoke joinery designs. As such, this design process always begins with a consultation which has your preferences at its heart. As soon as you contact our experienced design team, we’ll arrange a meeting date which is convenient for you.

During this initial consultation, we’ll work to understand precisely what your joinery needs entail. Our designers will ask you detailed questions about everything from your specific project requirements to your set budget and estimated timeline. We’ll also ask a little bit about the function of your proposed project, and how you would like your bespoke joinery to fit within your larger room design.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask us any further questions about this service so that we’re all on the same page from the very beginning. 

02 guaranteed quality

We pride ourselves on finishing every single project to the highest possible standards. To ensure the same high standard results with our bespoke joinery designs, we follow every joinery consultation with a design package, which is 100% customisable depending on your feedback. Our designers will take what they learn during your initial meeting to develop photorealistic visuals, design drawings, and even proposed finishes/materials. This will provide you a chance to see how your designs will look, and to request any changes necessary to achieve a quality which you’re happy with. We will then only send those completed designs to our recommended joinery firms. These are companies whom we have worked with successfully on multiple occasions, and who keep the same quality standards in mind as us throughout each project. 

03 km interiors for joinery you can trust

We are an award-winning Cambridge and London based interior design company who specialises in creating sophisticated design and construction solutions. We have six years of experience in working closely with clients to develop the highest-quality joinery designs and results. Our trusted list of joinery suppliers and contractors mean that we’re able to take all the hassle out of the bespoke joinery process. And, we guarantee to produce results which are in keeping with the specifications you give us. As such, we can literally make your interior dreams come true.