the e-design package

This extensive package is a great solution for those with limited time, or those unable to commit themselves to an interior project! If you find that your time is limited and you need interior design advice, whether it be for one room or a total renovation and interior project, Katie Malik Interiors is here to help. Feel free to send our expert team your plans - we will swiftly be in touch to talk with you about your interior design stylings and preferences. Each member of our fantastic team is credible London Interior Designers that will be excited and ready to help you achieve inspirational interiors.

We deliver the e-design in 3 simple steps:

01 get to know you meeting

From the moment you contact a member of our expert team, we will immediately arrange an initial meeting with you - so that we can begin to understand you and share your interior vision from the start. In order to give you the best interiors possible, we need to know what inspires you, makes you tick, and of course what you’re hoping to get from your new and revolutionised space! During this initial consultation, we will work with you to understand things like such as your interior needs, your unique personal qualities, and your aspirations. Additionally, we will also take this time to understand any lifestyle factors which affect your project such as –


A set budget

A specific time frame in which we can complete our work

The scale of your vision


In short; this is our chance to put you at the heart of the project; it is something that we pride ourselves on being so good at. Our team is entirely you and your vision orientated. We will then work accordingly to match 100% of our design process to your personal preferences and requirements.


E-design package image.jpeg

02 send us project information

Step two requires you to submit to us any plans, photos, or videos relevant to your design.  


Upon receiving all of the visual information you have provided, we can begin to work our interior magic on your project and assist you in remedying any design dilemmas - our team consists of project managers and renovation specialists

After our initial consultation and consideration of any limiting factors, we will discuss to agree on a particular style and level of furnishing for your space. Step three sees that we will send you extensively detailed CAD interior design scheme boards with feature plans drawn to scale and including the proposed designs. 


Katie Malik Interiors will consider and present to you factors such as electrical layout, lightings, and furnishing. We additionally include the specification for the listed items of which are included in our design scheme. Working with one another will enable us both to bring to life your interior dreams. 


In order to discuss with us a prospective interior e-design project, contact us today at our studios in London/Cambridge.

After a discussion with you to agree the style and level of furnishings, we send you a scheme board, plans drawn to scale with proposed design including furniture, lighting and electrical layout, together with a specification list for items included in the interior design scheme.

To discuss your project, get in touch with our studio.


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