Love your space: New custom homes

‘Take a walk through Eddington Avenue Project and see how your property can be transformed’

Understanding your 

personality and style

The moment you contact a member of our team, we’ll arrange a get-to-know you meeting or a consultation so that we can begin to share your interior vision from the start. To give you the best interiors possible, we need to know what makes you tick, and also what you’re hoping for from your space.


During this initial consultation, we’ll work to understand things like your interior needs, your personality, and your aspirations. We’ll also take this time to understand any lifestyle factors which affect your project such as –

  • A set budget

  • A specific timeline

  • The scale of your vision


In short; this is our chance to put you at the heart of the project. We will then work to match 100% of our design process to your personal preferences. 

E-design package image.jpeg

Our signature 'new homes design’ package

Once we know a little bit more about you and your project needs, we’ll dedicate ourselves to developing your complete design proposal. Within our Love your space: new custom home, we’ll provide you with – 


  • A complete design proposal including space planning 

  • Bespoke Joinery Design 

  • 3D renders/Photorealistic visuals

  • Sourcing and coordinating materials, fixtures, fittings and finishes 

  • Sourcing of furniture, lighting and accessories 

  • Bespoke furniture & window treatments 

  • Overall project coordination with a focus on timeline and cost 

  • Procurement of supplies and contractors 

  • Scheduling of deliveries 

  • Efficient organisation of contractors 

  • Regular project overseeing 


Our well-established relationships with a wide variety of suppliers can also ensure that we save you money and remain well within your outlined budget. All while providing the high-quality finishes we pride ourselves on.