2020 London Interior Design Trends

Those of us who love to scroll endlessly through Pinterest boards and the Instagram discovery page will have started to see the latest trends in interior design emerging as our inner interior decorator gets to work. Whether you are into minimalist spaces or love eclectic home accessories, there will be a new trendy design to suit your home. Here is a selection of our favourites for the capital’s homes and other interior design projects –

Keeping it calm

We have all been there where we have gone for a wacky design idea full of colour, textures, and accessories. However, some prefer a space that brings them a sense of calmness and the time for reflection. We can see this within interior inspiration so far this year as people are opting for muted neutral tones, light wood, and soft textures.

This trend falls hand in hand with everyone’s need for natural light within the home. By turning to thinner blinds and curtains, it allows for the interior to be opened, feeling fresh, calming, and light.

Mixing Textures

If you are finding it tricky to add a pop of colour to your neutral space, then you may be able to adopt this London interior design trend and add some new textures to your home. By adding metallic textures such as metal vases, figures, or mirrors, you instantly add a different tone to your space which can pop as much as a block colour or pattern.

Traditionally, blankets and pillows are a great way to add texture into an interior, but this year we are seeing more use of natural textures such as dried flowers, and woven reed accessories. By switching out textures, you can completely change the feel of your space – this is great to adapt for the London interior design trends each year.

Bringing Nightlife Inside

As we are all putting an importance on our buzzing social lives, we are finding more and more trends where we are bringing elements of nightlife into our homes. A popular addition to the home includes using bespoke furniture, and hotel-style bar carts to display appealing bottles of spirits and liquor as well as carefully placed glassware.

These are great as a showcase in a space for those who love to entertain. This concept, paired with the introduction of neon signs and cocktail-style bar stools, creates a luxury feel as if you have just stepped into a London hotel bar.


The minimalist trend has been dominating interior design mood boards for years, but there may now be a shift in trends that explores the other end of the extreme. Maximalism takes the flamboyant and extravagant to carefully constructs an interior that is both exciting and fun.

This is always an exciting project from an Interior Designer in London as they have the creative space to explore all their wildest ideas and transform someone’s space into a wonderland of colour, pattern, and texture. This is a great opportunity to style mismatched furniture alongside décor from all different eras of design.

If you want to explore these new trends within your interiors, but don’t know where to start or you just want to leave it in the hands of a professional, then contact Katie Malik Interiors today to harness her attention to detail design service with her talented team.