Do you sometimes wonder how I work? Maybe you hesitate to ask? Maybe you have heard how interior designers work, but you’re not entirely sure whether I operate in the same way? To help you, I have put together a list of frequently asked questions, which is probably not exhaustive, but I hope it will help you learn a bit more about my approach, and give you confidence in talking to me about your project.

Question number 1– “How do you charge?”

I offer a fixed design fee for all my services, which means once the fee proposal is accepted, there will be no surprises, and fees you didn’t expect. I always draft a fee proposal, which I present to you before you commit to anything. A detailed fee proposal means you know what you’re going to receive, and that you won’t be billed for things you don’t want. It’s all very clear and transparent. Since every project and client is very unique, the fee is always calculated based on specific design needs. This means you will not pay for things you don’t need. Read more about our interior design packages here.

Question number 2– “Can you recommend a trusted contractor?/Do you work with local tradesmen?”

Yes, I can recommend excellent tradesmen with whom I have been working on regular basis. Most of my clients are interested in Interior Design and Project Coordination Package which takes away the stress of having to manage builders and purchases. Of course, nothing happens without your approval, so I introduce my most trusted contractors to you, and if you decide not to proceed with them, this doesn’t affect our relationship.

Question number 3– “How long will my project take?”

Every project is very unique, and therefore many circumstances can affect the timescale of the project, for example, number of revisions, availability of tradesmen, number of bespoke items included in the design etc. I do try to accommodate various deadlines, and this is always discussed during our first meeting.

Question number 4– “Can you guarantee I won’t exceed my budget?”

During our first meeting, I always discuss a project budget. A clear budget simply allows to prepare more suitable design options and avoid excessive spending. It is, however, due to the nature of projects and design choices that sometimes original budgets are exceeded, especially, if the project involves a substantial portion of building work.

Question number 5– “How do you work?”

I always try to find out as much as possible about the clients’ needs to determine the best, most suitable way to help them with their project. Some clients, might need a 2-hour on-site consultation, to help them with their ideas, others need help designing and managing the project including the purchasing (read more), and others want to manage the project themselves, but need to commission design (read more). I cater for all, no matter how big or small. You can read more about what each type of service involves on my website under each design service package.

These questions are based on what my clients ask me, but if there’s anything else you’d like to ask about, don’t hesitate to contact me.