5 Reasons Why Your Home Will Be Better With An Interior Designer 

5 Reasons Your Home Will Be Better With An Interior Designer

They say that your home is your castle. But for many of us, the home is one item in a long list of things to be stressed about. Your home should be your refuge. It should be a place where you can be completely relaxed and at peace, completely comfortable in who you are. It should reflect your personality and taste and be attuned to your unique needs. However, achieving this on our own can be a real challenge, especially when your work and family commitments place so many demands on your time that simply keeping your home on the right side of chaos can be a real challenge.

However, it might just be that an interior designer is the solution to all your problems. Here are 5 reasons why they can make your home a better, more relaxing and more fulfilling place to live…

They can use colour theory to help you set the perfect mood

Every room in the home has different needs and a slightly different tone to be struck, even within a unified design concept. Some rooms are intended for relaxation, others for work, others for a little bit of both. An interior designer can use the psychology of colours and textures to precision engineer the right mood in every room so you can concentrate in the office, unwind in the living room and rest in the bedroom.

They can take the guesswork out of decorating

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, interior decorating can involve a lot of guesswork and frustration. An interior designer will listen to your needs, aims and expectations, then set about assembling everything you need for exactly the right aesthetic.

They have the contacts that can save you money in the long term

Whenever you hire a painter, decorator, electrician and plumber you risk taking a bit of a gamble. No matter what you read about them on Trustpilot or Google you can never be 100% sure that they’ll live up to their reputation. An interior designer, on the other hand, will be connected with highly capable and expert tradesmen who can help make their vision a reality. And because they’re often privy to special rates not available to the public they can even save you money in the long term.

They can give your home the wow factor

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a unique aesthetic that’s created just for you. Because they have access to paints and fabrics and even furniture which are only available to the trade rather than the general public they can help to craft a more unique aesthetic with extra wow factor!

They can give you the gift of more free time

Finally, an interior designer can save you all the time, effort and toing and froing that come with decorating your living space on your own. And, let’s face it, everyone could benefit from having a little more free time on their hands.

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