Almost exactly one year ago I received an enquiry from a lovely couple who decided to get me involved in their project- a complete redesign of almost all of their existing ground floor space- Kitchen with dining and Lounge. They wanted to create an open plan living space with room to seat ideally 12 people, and be able to see their lovely children whilst cooking. They were a bit unsure of best use of space to create usable zones without any dead space. They also wanted a cosy environment that is not too noisy despite an open plan which required some clever but equally aesthetically pleasing solutions.

I have written a blog post about what we did and what sort of options we have explored, which you can read about here ‘How to create an ideal kitchen- case study II’, so I won’t go into those details, but I would like to show you how the space has been completely transformed.

This was the existing layout of my clients’ ground floor excluding a playroom, which we haven’t redesigned:

Existing Ground Floor Layout

This is what we have proposed:

Proposed Ground Floor Layout

The raised breakfast bar allows the sink to be placed in the peninsula, together with a washing machine, the dishwasher and bins. The space from the kitchen into the hallway is separated by bespoke shelving unit which will fit into the current doorway- it allows to let more light come through both into the hallway and the kitchen, and it would also double as a display unit and an interesting entrance feature. The lounge area has been moved into the former kitchen and dining; I proposed a bespoke sofa that fits just perfectly into the space, and allows to fit all the guests as well.

And this is how we have transformed the space:

  1. The wall diving the kitchen and the lounge was removed; where you see the chairs and the units on the left, now is a beautiful Scandinavian style lounge.

Kitchen- Before

2. Where the lounge was with a TV wall is now a kitchen, and where the sofa was, there is now a dining zone. We have also replaced single patio doors with folding patio doors, which really allowed to open up the space even more.

Kitchen- after- View on the breakfast bar and bespoke shelving separating the kitchen from the hallway

We are very proud of this redesign as we have managed to help our clients achieve their goals. They now happily entertain their guests and enjoy cooking in their new space!

This is what you get when you get a designer 🙂 Check more transformations we have made here.

Design copyright: Katie Malik Interiors

Photography credit: Maciek Platek Food and Interior Photography

Kitchen: Eadonstone

Main Contractor: Cambridge Building & Maintenance Company

Dining table: Adventures in Furniture

Stools: Really Well Made

Lighting: Made in Design