Old or new? Some of us could not face a refurb, so would never opt for an old house which requires a complete or partial transformation; for those who wouldn’t enjoy the challenge of rethinking the space, redecorating, moving walls etc. fortunately, there is an option of getting a brand-new house or apartment. Especially in Cambridge (how fortunate we are!), there is a lot of new developments, so you can just get the keys to the brand-new apartment, with white walls and grey carpets and laminate floor…oops…exactly, it’s only a blank canvas, and can feel quite dull, especially if you fill it with white glossy furniture- not that I don’t like them, you need be careful, especially if you’re more into colours…

So, here’s a story of one the projects Katie Malik Interiors undertook in Spring 2016. A client approached me, looking for some help to create a nice, coherent feel and a specific look in his brand-new apartment. The apartment was to feel relaxing, but be functional, practical and harmonious; my client was very specific about the colours: strong green and aubergine colours were to be introduced in the space. I have to admit, I was both excited and a bit apprehensive- why? Because I usually don’t get asked to use these colours 🙂 I decided to break aubergine and green with some vibrant tangerine orange, and I think these colours work absolutely beautifully together 🙂

Here’s the proposed layout for this apartment:

Proposed layout for a one-bedroom apartment in central Cambridge- Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Proposed layout for a one-bedroom apartment in central Cambridge

The apartment had a fitted kitchen and bathroom, but we still needed to think about the flow and make sure everything was nicely connected together. First of all, we needed to think about dining- and we created a lovely dining zone with a raised bar table and 4 tangerine orange stools that arrived all the way from Italy- I really set my mind on these ones for the colour, shape and quality reasons.

Tangerine Orange Bar stool

Tangerine Orange Bar stool

We also needed to think about a small office/desk zone and plenty of bookshelves, as my client owns a lot of them (Book storage was also incorporated in the bedroom).


Tree shape bookshelves

As for the living zone, we introduced a sofa bed (everyone would probably need that commodity in a one-bedroom flat), a funky armchair, and a media console. All fabrics and shapes were very carefully chosen (as always), but we had to be extra careful as this is a relatively small space and we needed to bring it to life, but not exaggerate 😉

As for the bedroom, unfortunately (or not!) there were no built-in wardrobes, so one wall was taken by the wardrobe, but we ensured it was all smoked glass, so it actually creates a feeling of a much bigger space. We also decided to use this quite an extraordinary fabric in my clients’ favourite colours and make a big statement with a headboard.

Metaphores- Lagune Fabric

Metaphores- Lagune Fabric

Dwell Wardrobe

Dwell Wardrobe

Opposite bed we placed a lovely bookcase



I always mention how important it actually is to create the right feeling in the entrance, independently whether it’s a house or an apartment. Here, we had to think about both the feel and the function. We picked a lovely raw oak bench, beautiful oak console with drawers, and awesome reclaimed wood hooks (that we found in the U.S.). With few accessories, they created a fantastic effect.