Every year, approximately, at the same time, I feel an urge to change something in my house…add new cushions, repaint an old cupboard, even change the whole colour scheme….I’m sure you know that feeling…but what do you? Clearly, most people do not redo the whole interiors of their houses once a year; there are, however, clever ways of achieving that feeling of change without completely redecorating the space and spending a lot of money. The answer: accessories! Think of your space for a minute, imagine it without throws, cushions, picture frames, books, art, objects…what would it be like? Empty, unfinished, incomplete..? But it would also bit a bit like a white canvas that you could almost paint ‘whatever’ you wanted on…of course, be careful, accessories should be coordinated with the rest of the feel in the space, but you probably don’t realise how much you can change by simply accessorising.

Since it’s Spring, I thought some neutral accessories with a gentle grass green colour would bring life into the space…

Let’s start from the cushions…one of my favourite tools:-)

Velvet Cushion Zara

Velvet Cushions in cream colour provide a neutral base for other ones, with more abstract pattern and in more decisive colour

Abstract cushion, Scandinavian Design Centre

Fusion triangle cushion Scandinavian Design Centre

The sofa, however, still needs a throw that would often soften it and add more texture

Herringbone Throw Zara Home

What would beautiful credenzas. Cabinets, chest of drawers be like without objets? Sculptures, vases of different sizes and textures, can bring the best in a piece of furniture, and modify the mood:

decorative wooden sculpture from Zara Home

Omaggio miniature vases from the Scandinavian design centre

Sage green botanica vase from the Scandinavian design centre

Lighting, often ignored, can really transform the space, lit the desired areas, expose features, and create a desired ambience.

Flower pot lamp from Scandinavian design centre

Manana lamp from Scandinavian design centre

Another important accessory that can help you transform your space is artwork. For a soft, neutral palette with olive/ sage green accent colours I chose a reproduction of Van Gogh painting that can be put in any frame to match the existing design:

Van Gogh Olive Garden