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Are you looking for some tips and tricks to make your home feel much more spacious and light? Here at Katie Malik interiors, we want to work with you to create some top tips to follow when looking to bring more natural light into your home. This blog will teach you all there is to know, consisting of affordable ideas for you to replicate in the heart of your home. Let’s get started and discuss how we can bring natural light into our homes. 

Firstly, Mirrors are a great way to open up the space in a room, making it feel more spacious and bright. You will find that just by hanging up a mirror, the light will reflect perfectly through the mirror and around the room. If you place a mirror on the wall opposite your window, this will maximise the natural daylight which will be reflected through the room. If you’re looking to make one of the rooms in your home feel bigger, this is a great way to do so. In addition to this, reflective and shiny light shades are a great way to magnify the natural light being moved around the room.

In addition to this, choosing the right colour palette is crucial when decorating your home. If you’re looking for a very simple and sleek interior throughout your home, a bright white colour will replicate the elegance and simplistic aesthetic in your home. Colour is extremely essential in interior design, it can either reflect or absorb light. For example, light colours will reflect the natural light perfectly throughout your home, whereas dark colour will absorb the light creating a dark and dull atmosphere. Your bright whites, light greys and creams will act like a mirror, reflecting the natural light through your home. 

A top tip for you to consider when painting your home, if you paint your ceiling brighter than the walls, this will make the room seem much more spacious and will feel larger. 

Windows are a great way to open up your home, all of the natural light soaring through the openings throughout the day. This is definitely something to consider, if you are renovating your loft, large Velux windows are a great way to open up the room making it feel much bigger and brighter. On the other hand, you may be looking to replace your current windows or door, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your windows allowing them to bring more natural light into the heart of your home. Bifold doors are a great way for you to open up your open living area, bringing in so much more natural light into your home. Not only will this transform your home, but you will find that the additional exposure to the light will make a significant difference to your home. 

Finally, if you are renovating your kitchen and you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, a great tip for you to follow is select reflective splashback tiles. This will mean that all-natural light which passes through your kitchen will be magnified by the splashback. This is ideal as it will have a great result in your kitchen. The more light which passes through a room, the more spacious and airy it feels. If this is the kind of interior which you are looking to portray throughout your home, this tip is ideal for you! 

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