It’s my absolute pleasure to host the first post on my blog; this one is very special, as it’s the first post written by my lovely intern, Louise. Expect to see more 😉

Recently, I read an article in The English Home on “Cultural Flavours” and how we adapt influences from other cultures to suit our English interior design schemes.

Chinoiserie, from the French word, “chinois”, arrived in England during the middle of the 18th century and was based upon Oriental art and designs from the East.

Expeditions to the Orient during the 18th century led to a heightened interest in exotica especially from East Asia and India.

With its characteristics of asymmetry and depictions of Chinese figures, dragons, pagodas and fantasy elements, chinoiserie is still very popular in interior design schemes today. OKA has a gorgeous collection of replica Chinese pieces. A particular favourite of mine is the hand painted Han Chinese cabinet:

Han Chinese Cabinet by OKA

These Chinese inspired bedside tables will add a touch of 18th century elegance

to your bedroom.

Xin bedside tables from OKA

Hand-painted Chinese papers were imported via the East India Company from the early 18th C. These very expensive papers were more delicate in design and detail than the English block prints and were very expensive, therefore often pasted onto linen, then tacked onto wooden frames so that the wallpaper could be removed when necessary.

This works particularly well if you love wallpaper but perhaps feel that papering an entire wall will be too over powering. It is easy to create panels of wallpaper by pasting the paper directly onto the wall and then framing the paper with a plaster panel mould or making a wooden wallpaper frame and attaching this to the wall.

Wallpaper panels

Here are some examples of chinoiserie wallcoverings:

“Chinese Peony” in different colourways from SANDERSON’S Richmond Hill Wallpaper collection.

“Chinese Peony” in different colourways from SANDERSON’S Richmond Hill Wallpaper collection.

“Summer Palace” by OSBORNE & Little

“Palais Chinois” by OSBORNE & LITTLE. Available in four different colourways.

Different versions of the popular Chinoiserie flowers and birds can be created

as a feature wall behind a bath or in a shower like this hand painted bespoke

“Bird and branch” panel created by E.J. TILE DESIGN in Bath:

“Bird and branch” panel created by E.J. TILE DESIGN in Bath

This is a simply stunning feature wall in a bathroom with “Chinese Wallpaper”


“Chinese Wallpaper” tiles by REPTILE TILES

This version was created by ART ON TILES to go above an Aga:


With so many options to chose from, be it a wallpaper panel, a tile or a piece of furniture, it’s easy to add an Oriental touch to any space.


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