Top 10 styles for a London Interior Designer

When it comes to London interior design, one thing that you have to understand that you are up against space. London is a very densely packed city and is home to over eight million people. Property prices can be high, so while many people love the practicality of having an exciting array of opportunities on their doorstep, the trade-off comes in terms of the size of the property.


Transitional uses updates on classic furniture items will give your home a classic look while leaving it looking clean and well finished. Add in modern textures in the form of cushions and throws and items such as upholstered ottomans.

Mid-Century Modern

Think Mad Men with this classic modern look. Leather occasional chairs or even Egg chairs add to this great look. Exposed woods such as teak and walnut will add a sense of rich class while keeping it feeling altogether very down to earth.


This is a strong look if your home is of an older architectural style as many homes in London are. Think bowed back chairs with sabre legs, urns, busts, as well as some classical mouldings.

Think Roman or Greecian, and you can imagine the scene. Decadent marble fireplaces against sophisticated dark patterned wallpaper.


Why not go for a traditional aesthetic that marries classic furniture items such as Chesterfield sofa? Wingback chairs and well-designed larger furniture items such as cabinets with prominent cornice.

Art Deco

This iconic look dates back to the 1920s. Heavily influenced by the industrial revolution, this style incorporated metals to great effect. Look for sunbursts and step motifs. Using a mixture of ebony and Zebrano woods and jade stone.


Contemporary is obviously going to be a style that shifts with the times, but generally speaking comfort and build trump aesthetics in terms of sofas and armchairs, while other furnishings may be quite understated.


Functional easy-living items that combine with natural-looking pale woods exemplify the Scandinavian design trends. Slimline and partially upholstered furniture with wooden or metal frames surrounding is great examples of this simplistic style.


With many great spaces created in old workshops and warehouses within the city, you could turn your rustic apartment into an industrial-chic abode. Exposed brick creates an eye-catching undone aesthetic, while aged look furnishings with metals with all to the aesthetic. Generally, a space like this should be open-plan, and you will want to make use of any high ceilings to add to the look.


A twentieth-century classic look with very simple clean lines throughout. The idea behind having a minimalist space is to remove the sense of clutter and create more of a positive feeling. Ornaments should be simple sculptures rather than complicated or ornamental. Build your storage into furniture or walls so that nothing is on show. Go for unpatterned, neutral colours, especially whites.

Hollywood Regency

If you love high-glamour kitsch, then this mid-twentieth century Hollywood look is for you. Go for bright colour combinations such as greens and pinks. Ostentatious statement pieces such as chandeliers and decadent mirrored furniture will all enhance this look considerably.

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