Everyone here probably dreams about having a really large bathroom (including me;-), but from a design perspective, large bathrooms are not ‘easier’ to design at all. Let’s have a look at this case study…

This space is a dream for many women…a walk-in shower, a bathing area, toilet area, and dressing area…before the redesign, this bathroom didn’t have very clear zones, or at least they were not as well defined, with a single sink, disproportionate shower area and a wasted transition from the bathroom to the walk-in wardrobe. When I say wasted, I actually mean that it was just ordinary and uninteresting- whereas we suggested a very interesting material which wouldn’t obscure the light, but help define the areas better, plus it’s helped immensely to create a wow factor in the space.

Bathroom sketch

Walk-in closet through bathroom

Bathroom sketch

We also suggested some lovely materials and sanitaryware which would create a cohesive, traditionally elegant look:

Design challenge-large bathrooms- Interior Design Concept Board

If you struggle with large or small space to create a bathroom of your dreams, check Katie Malik Interiors page for some inspiration.