It is said kitchen is the heart of our home- well, is it always? Some of us spend a lot more time in our living rooms, chatting to our family members, watching TV, doing homework, knitting, reading books etc. the list is endless. Therefore, getting the living space ‘right’ is for some of us is above all, a priority. Very often, when we buy a new property, we don’t always jump onto a big project of changing everything; sometimes, the space kind of works for us. Having said that, often after a few years, we feel the need to change something, either because we don’t like the space anymore, or we simply want to update it to make it more contemporary, in line with current ‘trends’.

I was recently approached by a family in Cambridge who was in need of refreshing their living room to suit their growing needs and style. They wanted a living space which is comfortable, uncluttered, homely as well as being functional and all fitting together in a single design.

We decided to build a colour scheme around softer colours: pale greys, pale blues, some muted browns, sage greens that would go with the existing rug. Very important was to propose new built-in joinery to make a better use of the space in the alcoves. The family needed space for toys, games, books, DVDs, objects, family photos and crafts. Also, it was important that the living room has some space for doing homework.

Family Living Room Transformation

What Katie Malik Interiors proposed for the joinery is to have a pull-out desk drawer and a drawer for CDs, plenty of shelving for books and objects, but also for important audio equipment. The proposal was to place the TV above the fireplace alcove which would be now completely tiled and used for decorative purposes. The joinery allows us to fit everything in one space and helps avoid the clutter and spreading different items across the room.

Family Living Room Transformation

We decided to reupholster existing sofas, as they match the space very well. Instead of one centrally located light, we decided floor lamps (task lighting) would be more appropriate.

The living space transformation is dramatic. Now, the family can enjoy their comfortable, uncluttered space.

Living Room Redesign/Transformation


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