Value of an Interior Design Studio Managing the Project Installation

In our service packages, apart from full design service. We offer our clients procurement and project coordination option. Which is there to help them manage the projects on time, and with minimum involvement required.

Most of our clients contact us asking specifically for this package because they are too busy to organise the project; The package includes, among other things, organising procurement, finding the right contractor and obtaining quotes. Ensuring all works have been carried out as agreed, on time.

Value of Interior Design Studio Managing the Project Installation

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Organising procurement

Organising procurement, placing and chasing orders and even organising returns can be not only time consuming but also stressful. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, we are able to manage this portion of project installation and take the stress away from our clients.

We are currently working on the installation of Its So Travel shop we designed in the Grafton Centre, and we have had some unexpected procurement issues and complications our clients weren’t even aware of as we have already found solutions to the issues that have risen. And yes, there are always issues on projects, even if they’re small. We have never run a project without even the smallest bumps. We take a problem-solution approach to each and every one we manage.

Some of you, who have had some sort of decoration done in their house or apartment, realise it takes up quite a lot of time. What’s more, some contractors’ quotes aren’t necessarily the most accurate. Therefore the client ends up paying for things which they thought were agreed, but were not actually included in the quote.

So, this is why having either a project manager or Interior design studio manage the project saves time, money and a lot of hassle. We ensure all works that need to be carried are executed, and makes sure they’re done within an agreed timescale. All the negotiations with contractors and suppliers are done by us, which means you don’t have to take time off work.


Below you can read part of the testimonial one of your clients for whom we’ve managed the project in addition to the design, wrote:

As well as retaining Katie for the design side, she also took on the project management and purchasing side. Again, this worked perfectly for us. It was a big job with every room needing to be taken back to bare walls. It involved a new kitchen, new bathrooms, plumbing and wiring, aside from the structural alterations. The contractors she sourced were excellent and all the work was top quality and completed to schedule. Katie was always right on top of the project and kept us fully up to date with progress.