One of my favourite things about being an interior designer is going to shows, exhibitions or on, what I call ‘the hunts’ for new objects, fabrics, finishes and furniture. I have recently realised I have not specified the same ‘thing’ (tile, fabric, finish, furniture) twice…quite remarkable, isn’t it? But this post is not about me, but about a very special find- handmade lighting fixtures I have an immense pleasure exhibiting on my blog. Why special? You could almost say “all industrial lighting is the same”, but these lamps really do stand out in the crowd…I had the pleasure to find out a bit more about their stunning pieces.

The designers, Korzeniowska & Bednarz say they love watching how unwanted objects, such as raw steel, equipment parts, stones take on the new forms, colours, textures when combined with timber. For them, it’s about creating a new harmony.

Vintage industrial lighting by Korzeniowska & Bednarz

Every fixture receives an Edison light bulb (you must love these!), which adds even more of an industrial feel to them.

Vintage industrial lighting by Korzeniowska & Bednarz

Korzeniowska & Bednarz are true artisan makers, as they make every single piece by hand- nothing goes through a factory line! They use traditional carpentry tools and techniques. All of this combined makes each and every piece very unique.

Vintage industrial lighting by Korzeniowska & Bednarz

You can definitely see the designers have a true passion for putting into use reclaimed objects, bringing them back to life! I share the same goal with them- the goal of inspiring homeowners!

Vintage industrial lighting by Korzeniowska and Bednarz

Korzeniowska & Bednarz use timeless materials, such as solid oak wood and steel, which, as they say, helps them create timeless pieces with harmonious proportions. Their hope is that the fixtures will stand out in homes of their clients- and I would say, they definitely will! I think photos say it all!

This post brought a flashback from a project I utterly enjoyed working on- industrial style bedrooms in one of Cambridge homes I had a pleasure designing (click this link to see the photos from the completed project). I am really looking forward to another one, similar in style so I can propose these very unique lighting fixtures for the interior scheme 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about these stunning lamps, you can contact me on katie@katiemalik.co.uk or one of the designers, Pawel, directly on pb.pracownia@gmail.com.


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