I have recently received a phone call from a lovely lady asking me for help with her kitchen. She’s involved a kitchen designer from X kitchen supplier, but felt like she’d end up with an ordinary, galley-style layout. She and her husband felt a bit concerned that what they would get wasn’t actually good value for money, and needed a second opinion of someone who wasn’t associated with any brand. While looking for some ideas themselves on Houzz, they’ve come across my profile, and called to ask for help. After my second visit, which was a presentation of some conceptual ideas for their kitchen, they felt no longer stuck and I left them confident they can have a less ordinary kitchen, which will have everything they long for and need.

So, why do you think a kitchen designer wasn’t able to help this lovely couple?

The answer is simple, with no offence, but kitchen designers who work for kitchen suppliers, are not trained to think about the space holistically and creatively. They are constrained by what the company can manufacture or sell, and often don’t consider, for example, lighting, splash back, flooring, how people move in the space, what is important for them to have in their kitchen.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Someone could argue that what they get if they go to the kitchen supplier directly is a free design; first of all, is it really ‘free’? Second of all, is it a comprehensive design? What you get if you involve Katie Malik Interiors is so much more than just a units layout; you’ll get a lighting plan, flooring selection, full colour scheme, finishes of kitchen handles, taps, appliances, splash back, extractor housing, literally everything you can think of goes into a kitchen; and what’s more, you can be sure that I listen to what you need and tailor the design to you. Last but not least, I can create a ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen, something, which your friends and family will be admiring every time they come over…

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge