How To Build An Interior Design Portfolio

Ultimately, a portfolio is a collection of your best work and projects that you believe demonstrate your diverse skills and styles. As a way to showcase your talents, keen eye, and credibility, a portfolio is something of which will evolve with the times and ever-changing trends of interior design - therefore it is essential to have and an absolute must to keep updated. With our expertise in Interior Design in Cambridgeshire, Home counties & London, we believe in addition to sophisticated yet creative packaging, the following points are vital in the build of your own Interior Design Portfolio.

Choose your format

Interior Design is an industry that revolutionises itself regularly enough that you do not need the added responsibility of printing new portfolios. Although traditionally authentic and aesthetically pleasing, having your portfolio developed in the format of a bound book means they will need frequent updating and replacing as projects progress and complete. Most creatives now compact their workings in online portfolios as there is unlimited space to add new projects and they can be updated and altered anytime - meaning even with the changing tides of interior fashion, you will be able to go with the flow.

Your audience

Your portfolio is a way to captivate your finest work and is what will set you apart from competitor designers. Upon composing your portfolio you should define who exactly is your target audience; as projects you choose for content will change between individuals you are showcasing your work to and looking to impress. Your portfolio will speak for you - a client simply looking through your portfolio will demonstrate to them your credibility and diverse talents as a designer.

Demonstrate your process

Showcasing your creative process enables you to tell a story of how you come to achieve your incredible designs, and everybody loves a great story. Fundamentally your portfolio will be composed of photographs of the finished project, however, it can be interesting and appreciated if you were to include mood boards, layouts, and other design concepts of which assisted you on your way to the finished and fabulous project.

Diverse content

It goes without saying that each individual designer will have their own style. The skill of a good designer comes with their ability to adapt in order to capture a client’s interior dreams; something that ultimately demonstrates their creative credibility as a designer. A portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your diverse range of styles and interior comprehension. Each page may be dedicated to specific design practice, however overall it should be a comprehensive and diverse display of your work.

Your portfolio will speak for you when it comes to conversing with a potential client, therefore it is of the utmost importance it mirrors your level of creative expertise and professionalism. In the rapidly evolving industry of interior design, each artist needs a portfolio that can keep up. Our thriving experience of Interior Design in Cambridge and London means the application of our key portfolio points is a sure way to make yours excel and stand out from any others.