Bedrooms seem to be places where we spend least time, but in fact, we spend quite a lot of time in them, on average 7-8 hours a day, it’s the same amount of time we spend daily at work. This means, creating the right ambience in a bedroom should be as important as creating one at work. When we think bedroom, we probably think a bed,a comfortable mattress, some bedside tables, a bedside lamp, and some storage (if we don’t have a walk-in or a built-in closet). However, how many of us think about choosing the right colour for the walls in the bedroom or the right furniture? Do you actually think about how these things impact your sleep quality?

You should imagine your bedroom is a sanctuary. When you walk in—or even think about your bedroom—it should make you feel relaxed. Taking care of your sleep environment and putting thought into its look and feel is important, and could help you get a better rest and better quality sleep.

Did you know that all senses affect our sleep quality? So, it’s vital to choose wall colors that elicit warmth and calm. The colour of your wall or even of the bedding can influence the quality of your sleep. Avoid strong colours in bedrooms, opt for a cool color scheme: blue, purple, gray, silver, green, neutrals; these are the best colours as they are believed to lower blood pressure and heart rate and help ensure a proper night’s sleep.

However, it’s not only about the right colour of the wall or the bedding, but also your furniture, which apart from colour, have textures and shapes, which are also of quite a high importance in any bedroom environment. Let’s have a look at the Sloane Bedset, designed by the Sofa & Chair company; although it’s a boldly designed piece with stylish geometric pattern (which I love by the way), its headboard features a quilted effect, ideal for adding not only interest but also texture, helping create the most serene space.

Another stunningly sophisticated Alexander range bed breathes new life into classic comfort with sophistication and style. It has some exquisite detailing, such as the pulled stitch effect of the headboard combined with sumputous layers of padding, which mean that not only this piece will give any bedroom a lift, but also help contribute to a better sleep quality.

You are now probably wondering how a padded headboard could improve a sleep quality? We should pay attention to what sensations we feel, as deep relaxation is successful when your skin is in contact with softness, so choosing fabrics that are cozy (silks and soft cottons), ideally on a headboard, bedding and flooring will contribute to you sleeping better. I personally love the White company bedding, which is made of the highest quality cottons: