Can an ideal kitchen actually exist? The answer is ‘yes’. For me, as an interior designer, every good kitchen design starts with a brief and defining the scope of work, what the clients would like to achieve, what kitchen style they would like, what they need the most, what would make the difference to them, what would a perfect kitchen be like?

I would like to present you with two different case studies for family kitchens I have had a pleasure designing, as I believe they can best explain the process of creating how to create an ideal kitchen. This post will be devoted to the one I started working on in early Spring this year.

Case study 1– Open plan family kitchen, dining and lounge

Style: Transitional

Location: Central Cambridge

Scope: Create a space that flows well (it’s an open plan kitchen, dining and family room), ensure everything is within an easy reach and in the right section of the kitchen, incorporate some existing furniture, give a kitchen a contemporary look, but keep it warm and inviting.

The perfect layout came to me straight away; at the moment, the kitchen is squeezed on one wall and has a peninsula, but there isn’t enough space for everything. Because of the double door and a separate ‘larder’ on the opposite site of the units, the current layout works ‘best’. Here’s a photo of how it looks now.


In order to give my clients what they need the most, I proposed to completely knock down the separate larder and reduce the small double door to a single door; the layout I proposed is a U-shape layout and what now is occupied by the larder is going to have some additional units for a built-in microwave, occasion dinnerware, and a larder unit. Also, to provide extra seating and some clever storage for board games, I proposed a built-in bench- a perfect solution for this kitchen layout.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Family Kitchen design by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

I haven’t moved a sink, as it is in a very good location and you are facing the garden when doing your dishes- for some of you, it might be very important to have that option. Also, moving your sink, and or your cooker, can be quite costly. This is not to say you shouldn’t do it, but if they are in the right place, then you can leave them in the same position. You will notice that the style of the kitchen has changed dramatically and we are also changing the flooring. This is to do with the fact that (1) there are floor level differences the clients would like to eliminate, (2) we are extending the current space to create a lovely family lounge, (3) it would be extremely hard to match the new floor to the existing floor because of the type of current floor material. However, before we made the decision to lay a new floor, we considered leaving it- see below the visualisation. I would be interested to find out which one you prefer?

Family Kitchen design by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Family Kitchen design by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

You will also notice one more big difference I hope- the colour of the cabinetry; in order for the scheme to be successful with the existing floor, we would need to spray paint the cabinets the best matching colour as nothing we could find available from the standard kitchen cabinets in gloss finish went well with the floor. That was also another reason why it was decided we needed a new floor.

Here’s another view, more of a close-up of the kitchen cooking/preparation zone.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Family Kitchen design by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Everything is very nicely concealed, and also within the reach, which was very important for my clients. The worktop we chose is Corian as it allows for a seamless look. The combination of two different colours of the splash back tiles, bring otherwise a pretty much off-white scheme to life. There are also other green elements throughout the kitchen, dining and a family room.

When to expect to see photos of this completed kitchen? Watch this space in September 2017!

If you are sure what you want to achieve but you need a vision, someone with clever ideas, and someone who could actually help you execute your project, contact me to discuss your project. A Kitchen designed by Katie Malik Interiors in 2014, and installed in 2015, was featured twice, once in Ideal Home Magazine in February 2016, and on Houzz in April 2017, and still remains an inspiration for many looking for some kitchen ideas.