How to find the right Interior Designer

Are you looking for an interior designer London based? Have you recently just moved to a new house and want professional help to create your dream home? Or do you need our professional help renovating your restaurant or studio? Here at Katie Malik Interiors, interior design company we are a small team of highly qualified professionals here to help you transform your home! Our passion for interior design is well executed through our work, our enthusiasm and strong work ethic is pumped solely into the center of all our design projects. Our efficiency and professional opinions are something which we pride ourselves in, creating ideas and bringing creative solutions to you including all small attention to detail. Our work isn’t just based in homes, we bring our professional practices to you, whether it be in a shop, restaurant, hotel or development. Our team takes the same creative approach to any project they work on, ensuring all ideas and visions are effectively brought to life! Our expertise extends across all stages of design ensuring each project is finished to the highest level of quality. If you’re looking for an interior designer, London get in touch today!

When investing both time and money into an interior designer it’s important for you to know everything about the team you’re hiring. Do your research! You want your designer to unlock the space's full potential by doing this in a creative yet practical manner.

A good interior designer will have the perfect balance between focusing on the bigger picture ultimately leading up to the final outcome, whilst also focusing on the immediate jobs which need to be done. You want the job to run in an efficient manner, working productively and efficiently to get the job done. Therefore, look for reviews and recommendations of the company. It's important to understand the quality of work and the team you're hiring before you fully commit.

You want a designer who is fully invested in the project, someone who's passionate and willing to put in all hours to ensure your project is complete to the highest quality possible. You want someone who will take all of your own ideas on board and develop them in the best possible way adding their own professional opinion. Your interior designer will push you completely out of your own comfort zone, encouraging you to go for an original and refreshing design. Are you looking to hit the refresh button and completely revamp your home? An interior designer will understand what you and your family need to function in family life and build a design which will suit you and your family. When done correctly, a well designed living and family area are the key to living well and bonding within your own home.

Why not get in touch with our team today here at Katie Malik interiors to find out more! We work with you to ensure your space is both beautiful and practical whilst making the whole process enjoyable for everyone. Contact us today to discuss your project.