How to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Everybody feels comfortable in a different style of home. No matter how large your home, there are always going to be rooms that you wish felt bigger, lighter, and more spacious. There are some great interior design tips where you can transform your space to feel bigger, without the need for expensive renovations. Katie Malik has selected some of her favourite tips on how she creates spacious, small interiors.

Contrasting Colours

This tip is all about creating a sense of depth and dimension in a space. When you use medium tones, it can make the room appear more confined. However, if you use light and dark colours, it will create a contrast that will mimic the depth of a larger space.

Hidden Storage

The last thing you want to do with a small space is confine it further by having bulky storage units that minimise floor space. We suggest using creative storage methods such as –

- Under-bed storage

- Shelves

- Shelving units with storage boxes

- Benches and ottomans with hidden storage

- Baskets

- Coffee tables with storage compartments

Long Curtains

This is a great tip for any soft furnishing room such as a bedroom or living room. Swap out your existing blinds or curtains for an extra-long pair of curtains. When you hang them, secure the curtain rod at the appropriate height above the window, so that the curtains only just skim the floor. This will give the appearance of higher ceilings, therefore making the room seem taller and more spacious.

Statement Accessories

If you love re-designing your home, it can be easy to get carried away purchasing small decorative pieces for your rooms. This works great in large rooms to fill space, however can appear cramped and cluttered in smaller areas. To make your small room appear larger, pick a few larger statement accessories such as large candles or books and place them sparingly in the room. This will make the room appear finished, without being overdone.

Light the Corners of the Room

When a room is small, you can’t just rely on over-head lighting to fill the space. By adding light sources such as lamps and candles into the corner of rooms, you can make the space appear bigger by lighting the full expanse of the room. This means that you won’t be cutting off space with dark, shadowy corners in the evenings.

Feature Art

Not only is this great to expand your space, it is also an amazing style technique to make your home look luxurious and expensive. Invest in some oversized art pieces that are bigger than your usual designs, we recommend A1 to fill the space. This draws the eye up the walls and makes the room appear bigger as it is holding large art pieces that draw out the size of the walls.

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