In the second post of this series, I’ll reveal some secrets of how to make your living room look more expensive.

First of all, introduce velvet (provided you like the material!). Velvet adds expensive feel to the room. If you’re not a big fan of velvet sofas, try at least velvet cushions- immediate effect guaranteed!

Choose a statement rug or a cowhide- this should instantly pull a living room together and tie in the whole scheme. The size of your rug is quite important- make sure it’s big enough to cover the area between the sofas. If it’s too small, it might look out of place and you definitely won’t achieve the designer look.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Living area- Boutique Hotel style- designed and installed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

To achieve that upmarket feel, always, and whenever possible- chose an interesting mirror. Here, instead of a flat one, we went for a really cool square one. Each square of the mirror is positioned at a different angle. It makes it look like a piece of artwork!

Add a feature lamp- choose the one that is spangly, oversized, look-at-me for the designer feel.

It’s very important to chose the right curtains- for the luxurious look, opt for full-length curtains rather than shorter ones. Here, it was of course appropriate to use full length ones. If you’re not sure about the window treatment, just ask a designer on a Houzz forum.

For additional wow effect, pick a glittery statement light, and add an ornate plaster cornice/ frieze. Here, it also helped us with the zoning in the room.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

Shabby chic living room- designed and installed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

For ‘en masse’ effect, introduce the clusters of cushions, plus add a few lux, chunky throws, which will instantly make the room look chic and effortless.

Katie Malik Interior Designer

Shabby Chic Living Room- designed and installed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

If you can, display a ‘vintage’ treasure; it could be a lamp, a side table or even photo frames. This should help you achieve the feeling of both quality and tradition.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Second shabby Chic Side Table

Shop the Boutique Hotel look:

  1. Mirror- Dwell (£174)

  2. Lamp- Dwell (£195)

  3. Sofas- (circa £600)

  4. Cowhide- (£270)

Shop the Shabby Chic look:

  1. Side table- Etsy (£75)

  2. Chandelier- (£249)

  3. Cornice/Frieze- Chelmer Mouldings (£15 per 1.5 metres)

  4. Second side table- (£263)

Photography Credit: Maciek Platek Food and Interior Photography

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