End of January comes with the end of the kitchen month, where my blog posts have been devoted to the topic of kitchens. I would like to finish with the post which focuses on something most of us face while designing a kitchen: limited space and the budget.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how we could arrange a space to maximise its potential. Where do we put the kitchen? How can we squeeze everything we need in it? In late summer/early autumn, I started working on the concept design for among other things, a kitchen in an open plan space (I like open plan spaces ;-). Originally, the developer didn’t consider the solution I offered, which was to install a breakfast bar…(See my post about breakfast bars).

In this particular open plan, having a breakfast bar has several advantages:

  1. It automatically creates a dining area without occupying extra space, even the smallest dining table would.

  2. Because it’s raised, it separates the cooking zone from the living one. A big advantage as you can’t see the mess ‘behind the scenes’. Your eyes is automatically attracted to an interesting tiled splashback wall.

  3. It creates an opportunity to install an extractor which can be a feature itself (like in the visualisation below)

The budget- another big consideration for any project. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your kitchen have the ‘wow’ effect. If you’re on the budget, consider less expensive units, but invest in splashback and good quality worktop (here, we are going to use granite). Think ‘features’, for example, an interestingly shaped extractor/hood, raised breakfast bar, accessories.