Increasing your property value with home interior design

Whether you have just moved in or have been living in your house for an extended time, the road to selling your home is sometimes a long and difficult one. You could be planning a move to make room for a more prominent family or downsizing to a smaller dwelling. You may be wondering why you need to invest more money into a property you no longer wish to keep?

One misconception about selling your house is that the interior design is not as important since the new owners will take everything out anyway. The most straightforward answer is that your house’s interior design can increase your property’s value. Following are Katie Malik Interiors design tips to help you increase the value of your property:

Understanding your potential buyer

You must consider what kind of property you are looking to add value to. Is it best suited to families, first-time buyers or the elderly? This will influence the way you design and decorate your property. Design Factors will be of more value to different buyers of different ages and interests. We would recommend replacing a house that is suffering from wear and tear, the chips in the paintwork, a loose handle, or a creaky floorboard are things that may not bother us in our day to day lives, but it pays to fix these minor issues before a potential buyer views your home.

Window placement and natural lighting

Whilst redesigning, you should ensure that plenty of natural light is flowing into your home. This will automatically make any room appear spacious and more open plan, plus it is a great way to lift the energy and mood of a room. One such way is to add a skylight, or you could add glass partitions, glass doors or large mirrors to ensure the light is entering and bouncing off all corners of your living space. You could also opt for lighter paint on your walls and fewer pieces of furniture so that the sunlight is evenly distributed.

Natural light makes a space feel bigger - adding more value. Design-wise, houses won’t Don’t more can be done in a brighter property. This helps people envision themselves in the property - adding desirability and wow factor.

Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms

It’s a well-known fact that the Kitchen is the heart of the home and people spend a lot of time here. So to make a property more desirable, have a nice Kitchen! You could consider adding new worktops or minor changes like replacing old sinks and dishwashers with stainless steel pieces. Little changes here and there can make a significant impact on the overall perception of the room.

The same rule applies to the bathroom in your house. Redesigning bathrooms to look luxurious and practical can significantly increase the value of your home; everyone wants a clean and stylish bathroom. Opt for a well-positioned mirror, proper lighting and high-quality fixtures to transform your old bathroom into a modern spa-like space.

Keep it Neutral

Ultimately, when it comes to selling your property, choosing neutral, natural tones is a timeless interior design tip. Don’t be too on-trend; your property will quickly become dated. Neutral is timeless and easy to change but buyers will lose value if they see they have to redo it all. Keeping your colour scheme neutral will also enable people to envision themselves in your property and work with their newfound blank canvas.

Invest in quality flooring and worktops

Although it might cost you more to buy initially, in the long run, you will benefit from the durability of quality floors and worktops. You won't have to replace them so soon. Buyers may think they will have to redo the entire flooring of a house if they were to buy it. Pay special attention to the quality and type of flooring you put in.

Take a look at your house’s flooring for signs of wear and tear, especially soft flooring. If you think your rugs and carpets have worn out, our advice would be to replace them with new ones. Laminate flooring is an appealing option that can completely transform your room. Additional benefits include it is easy to clean and maintain plus they make a place look expensive and uncluttered.

Ultimately, when it comes to listing yourself onto the property market, choosing neutral, timeless interior design options will help significantly to add value to your home. While you may need to invest, the benefits and return on that investment will outweigh your initial spending due to increased traffic and buyer appeal. Here at Katie Malik Interiors, we have all the advice and inspiration you may need to totally transform your home.