A few times a year I am asked to write about trends, what my favourite trends have been so far, what I think will be trendy next year etc. (You will be able to read my answers on that in the July edition of the Velvet Magazine ;-). Although this year has seen the return of many strong colours (with the Greenery being the Pantome colour of the year), the monochromatic scheme still remains and will remain a popular choice.

So what does monochromatic interior scheme actually entail?

To put simply, monochromatic scheme means that one color’s family is used on almost every surface or textile in the space. Of course, what this doesn’t mean is that monochromatic space has to look like someone came through with a single bucket of one colour and painted everything; rather, as Homedit points out, “monochromatic décor excels in nuances of that color – a tint here, a tone there, and shades everywhere else. The effect, when done correctly, is stunning. ”

I have been very lucky to be appointed to design this spacious and bright apartment in Cambridge, which allowed me to apply what I know about building a monochromatic interior scheme. The brief was to create a boutique hotel feel, classic and elegant interior, built around black hues. You can see how we made a statement with the choice of one colour below:

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Entrance Hallway designed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Tip: never underestimate the importance of a hallway design- it’s the very first thing you see when you enter a space so it’s important that it ties in with the rest of the interior and apart from being functional, it looks aesthetically pleasant. Here, I came up with an idea of creating a feature which also functions as a coat/scarf hanger. So instead of just a simple coat hanger, you get something which looks very interesting and pretty as well. Made with one of my favourite Creations Metaphores fabrics- Cocoon.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Bedroom designed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Master Bedroom designed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

By limiting your colour palette, you may actually open yourself up to new and creative ways of using colours in your home. Instead of focusing on colour-matching and colour contrasts, you can focus your creativity into your furniture and the little details that give your home its unique personality. Here, the centre stage is taken by a beautiful headboard, made to measure by the carpenter (Damian East) and the upholsterer (John Moody) to my specifications. Two bedside tables with stunning details have been brought to the space by the client.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Dining area designed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

“If you apply a monochromatic colour scheme to your entire home, you can create harmonious transitions from one room to another that doesn’t visually confuse when you’re walking from room to room. ” (Source: Frances Hunt) I trust we have accomplished those harmonious transitions in this beautiful apartment.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Living area designed by Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

All photographs used in this post have been taken by Maciek Platek-Food and Interior Photography. Interior styling: Katie Malik Interiors & Magda Kaczynska.

Interestingly, the colour of 2018 is going to be Black Flame- not exactly just one colour, but containing black 😉

“Black Flame acts like a black curtain, allowing your other décor elements to take center stage. It’s a fantastic blend of black and navy, two classic hues. Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the navy offers possibility and a deep hopefulness. The blend of two colors makes it incredibly versatile – use it on a statement wall, with a matte finish on a ceiling, with high gloss on a naturally-lit staircase, on cabinets, interior and exterior doors, and in many more places. The versatile hue can also provide strength and a modern luxe vibe to spaces with a lot of whites, blush pinks and soft pastels.”

(Source: The voice of colour)

So, if you are easily confused by colour and feel you are living surrounded by the “colour chaos”, why not opt for a monochromatic scheme?