With summer round the corner, it’s time to think about bringing the new season into our interiors…I don’t mean complete redecoration, but introducing tropical summer elements into an existing decor. Of course, ideal background for such a vivid, strong colours palette is white and off-white. You can achieve great transformations by simply changing soft furnishings and accessories:

Tropical summer palette and colours by KatieMalik Interiors

If you like stripes, why not replicate this in interesting objets, such as frames, vases, boxes and cushions. Stripes don’t have to always come in tonal colours; rainbow of colours can be as effective.

If you prefer florals, why not introducing a bit in cushions and fabrics which can work with your existing palette? From the left, Osborne & Little fabric Cockatoos, Turquoise Cushions from Zara, Exotic Floral Cushions from Zara, Pineapple Candle from Zara, Throw from Zara, Box from Zara.

If you’re not very keen on any patterns and go for plain fabrics and accessories, try to use more textures, for example the coloured textured picture frame from Zara, and objets with graded colours like a rectangular colour vase from Zara.

TIP: It’s always easier to introduce changes with soft furnishing into spaces if the base is neutral.

Happy Styling!

Photos from Exotic Summer styling sessions coming soon!