“I need help of an expert to help me design my house, I have no idea where to start”…next step, you contact an interior designer, you explain your objectives, you agree on what you’d like to achieve in the space, and your interior design journey starts…you reach the point when you love the proposed designs, and you’d like to have them implemented. You have two options here: 1) you can either do it yourself or 2) you can delegate this task to an interior designer.

You might think, well, ‘I can do it’, and I have no doubt that you are more than able to do it, but there are a few questions you should answer yourself if you think it is not worth hiring an interior designer to manage procurement for you.

1. It’s 8am, you’re about to leave home to go to work, you receive a phone call from a driver who’s saying he’s trying to deliver an item for you, but his sat nav doesn’t recognise the postcode…what do you do? Well, if your interior designer managed the procurement for you, first of all, you wouldn’t have to worry about picking up the phone, because it’s the designer who would receive that call and sort it out.

2. You have ordered a shelf for your study, as specified by the interior designer. One day you receive an email saying XX made a mistake and the shelf is no longer available. Massive apologies, but so what? You’re still not going to get the shelf…what do you? Probably ask your interior designer to respecify, which is an additional cost. What if you didn’t have to worry about it? What if the interior designer made sure you would get exactly the same shelf made instead? You can argue, you can try to search for an alternative, but would you know who to ask, where to go?

3. You have ordered beautiful lighting fixtures for your living room- they have arrived, and you’d really like to put them up, but you don’t know quite how, and you’re not a qualified electrician…you start googling ‘Electricians in Cambridge’, you start calling, and everyone’s busy or simply not interested in installing 2 ceiling lights the very same evening…if your interior designer was managing the procurement, she or he would arrange for someone to come and do it for you. In fairness, you wouldn’t even have to open a box and inspect the quality…

4. A note on quality inspection…imagine, your wall lights have arrived from Italy…stunning fixtures! You open a box, and you discover they have only sent the shades…oops…who do you contact if you ordered them yourself, well, you have to go directly through the company you ordered from, make 5 phone calls to make sure the remaining parts are delivered on site before the electrician disappears (he was only contracted for 2 days!). If your interior designer ordered them on your behalf, they would take care of everything. You would only see beautiful Italian wall lights already installed.

These are just a few situations that can actually take place when you’re buying items for your house. So, what do you think, is it worth hiring an interior designer to manage procurement?