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In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Home Renovations are thriving. Properties across the UK are now subject to significant changes, from structural to intricate interior designs of spaces such as media or cinema rooms, home offices and gyms, which are now recognised as assets rather than a novelty.

Upon setting out to begin a Home Renovation Project, homeowners will swiftly become overwhelmed with the degree of detail necessary to keep a project on track for completion; without running into unaccounted for difficulties or expenses.

If you are looking to begin work on your home, look no further than the ‘A homeowner’s handbook for a successful renovation ’ from Katie Malik Interiors - yours to request today, from info@katiemalik.co.uk.

What is included in the Renovation Handbook?

Written from the perspective and expertise of a professional and experienced Project Coordination and Home Renovation body, the ‘Renovation Handbook’ details the processes to follow when undertaking such works on your property. The document discusses the significance of planning, work functionality and its careful execution; to save the owners pocket and the project itself.

The important topics this document details include budgeting, scheduling, adhering to timescales, commissioning critical surveys and more. Additionally, the Renovation Handbook showcases previous projects, including the process, breakdown of expenses, payment schedules, challenges and solutions, and even features before and after photos of case studies.

An insight into the Home Renovation Handbook by KMI.

The Renovation Handbook is a step-by-step guide to the success of your project - each aspect detailed in the document is a critical component of the renovation process. Upon beginning the planning and scheduling of works for your home renovation project, it is strongly recommended that you enquire with an experienced professional; to ensure no crucial elements are neglected.

Katie Malik Interiors is an industry leader in Renovation, Project Coordination and Interior Design - services that are yours to utilise! To inquire about working with the creative KMI team, contact us today.

Working with Katie Malik Interiors

Having worked with a prestigious range of residential and commercial clientele, Katie Malik Interiors is proud to extend their expertise in Home Renovation, Project Coordination, Interior Design - services that complement each other perfectly to transform your space.

As a highly sought after Interior Design service in Cambridge and London, Katie Malik Interiors understands the detailing of any personal space is incredibly unique. From functionality to aesthetics, the intricate interior design details are what shapes a space.

When working with the exceptionally talented team at Katie Malik Interiors, they will utilise their expertise and your creativity to bring your space to life. To achieve sophisticated design solutions of an impeccable standard, the team will explore your personality and style; and combine learnings with their design process.

Should you wish to discuss your project and its logistics in further detail, contact the team at Katie Malik Interiors today. To request your copy of the ‘Guide to Home Renovation’, simply email info@katiemalik.co.uk.