Katie Malik Interiors Top 10 Tips When Undertaking House Renovations

Katie Malik Interiors is an award winning interior design specialist, undertaking interior design and renovation work in Cambridge and London. When undertaking new projects of house renovations or interior designing, there are 10 top tips you should be aware of when undertaking any of these projects these include :-

5 Tips Prior to Works

Regulations and Permissions

Before beginning the building work of the renovation of a property, it is considerably important to conduct research into building regulations and to ensure you have all necessary permissions for construction. Resuming works that are not in keeping with regulations, on a property without any planning permission can result in stoppage of the works, a loss of money and potentially a legal penalty. Safety hazards and status of heritage can be reasonings for not being granted permission.


Building surveys can prevent you investing in a property in need of extensive repairs. An experienced chartered surveyor will carry out an in depth assessment of your prospective purchase and will report to both yourself and your selected lender, all aspects of the condition.


When undertaking a housing renovation project, your budget is vital and of the utmost importance. You ought to account for the expenses of every last detail. It is sensible to have additional money aside to cover the cost of inevitable budgeting breaches and further unanticipated costs.

Scheduling Works

You ought to consult with construction professionals to understand the necessary works, and to be able to schedule them in the most efficient way. Having professionals working alongside each other and not interrupting the course of work ultimately means the project will come together much quicker and more smoothly.

Working Towards a Return on Investment

Although fronting the costs of an entire renovation is heavy, ultimately it is an investment. You should not be frugal in interior and exterior aspects such as bathroom features as they will soon warrant repairs. Investing in and installing high quality materials, fittings & fixtures throughout the property will add value to the property, meaning your return on investment will be considerably higher.

5 Tips for the Interior


Often renovators of properties seek to make the space feel more airy and modern; what better way to achieve a light and spacious area, than to focus on the frames and positioning of windows? Careful selection of the placement of windows, in addition to the installation of transparent double doors, can add much desirability to a property.

The Front Door

One of the most important features when looking for a property to make a good first impression, is the front door! The style in which you choose establishes the feel of the whole property - it ought to be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the exterior style.

Appropriate Flooring

You ought to consider the functionality of the flooring laid throughout the property. The material selected should be durable and complimentary to whatever interior style may be infused throughout the property, particularly if you are looking to rent or sell. The flooring needs to appeal to a diverse range of prospective buyers such as those with pets, or families with young children.

The Garden

Throughout the chaos of a renovation, you are not to neglect the significance of a garden that is rife with beauty. As an individual's own little green sanctuary, the garden should be styled in a way that is diverse. Additionally, the garden furniture you can add can amplify the desirability of a property considerably.


The tasks carried out in vitally functional rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom and utility rooms require them to have worktops that are durable. Although they can be of a high initial expense, the quality of the material you have purchased will prevent you as a landlord, or your prospective buyer, from having to replace the worktops regularly - something that would ultimately cost more.

Actioning the advice of the above top 10 tips is guaranteed to add desirability and value to the renovation project in question, in addition to making the project management of the home renovation a considerably smoother process. Should you wish to enquire further regarding any of the services offered by, such as interior design and project management, Katie Malik Interiors, contact the team today!