Katie Malik’s Favourite Interior Design Ideas

At Katie Malik Interiors, we seek to transform the chaotic nature of home life into a peaceful, nurturing sanctuary to manifest individual growth and success - to achieve this, we bring innovative design solutions to our client’s spaces and creative vision. Experience as a pioneer of our industry has enabled us to see an extensive range of interior design ideas, we have compiled our favourite trends to inspire clientele on their exciting design ventures.

Home Offices

For those who can, working from home has become the new normal. It is therefore not surprising that the desire for workspace in the house has seen a notable rise. If you’re planning to spend the full week or even just a few hours a week working in your office space, your home office must be a comfortable and inviting place to spend time and get your work done efficiently.

Whether it's a spare room conversion, an extension, an outdoor garden room or even a quiet corner in your kitchen, with many of us reluctant to return to the workplace since lockdown, this trend looks set to become a more permanent fixture within the housing market; it's those additional design features that can help your property stand out from the crowd, along with increasing the value of your property.


  1. A desk tucked in an open plan living in Watford, London: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/three-bedroom-apartment-renovation

  2. Built-in bespoke joinery with a desk area for the family in Cambridge- https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/family-kitchen-and-lounge-re-design

  3. A room converted in a home office for 2 in Cambridgeshire - https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/familyhomeremodel

Walk-in Wardrobes

The first and most obvious benefit of a walk-in wardrobe design is that it provides sufficient space for organizing and storing your clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. Walk-in wardrobes can double up as a dressing room; add a mirror and a chair, and you have an instant dressing area allowing you to try on an outfit, and if you don't want to wear it, it can be instantly put back neatly. This prevents your wardrobe from being in disarray and saves you time. Walk-in wardrobe designs that don’t include a window can offer a fantastic amount of privacy as they are not visible from the outside. All built-in wardrobes can raise the value of your home but especially a walk-in or fitted closet.


  1. His and hers walk in wardrobe in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex- https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/coastal-home-redesign

  2. Built-in bespoke joinery in a one bed apartment on Chancery Lane, London- https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/luxury-contemporary-classic-apartme

Luxury Bathrooms

One of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. Many luxury bathrooms today offer a spa-like experience, which can help you to relax, unwind and quietly prepare for the day ahead. Something we can all appreciate after recent events is the importance of our wellness. Your bathroom can act as a sanctuary within your home. The beauty of using texture in a bathroom design is not just aesthetic but also luxurious and sensual; how does it feel to touch? In many ways, the bathroom is where we are at our most vulnerable, so surfaces that feel pleasing can enhance the cocooning effect. So embrace the best bathroom layouts, modern bathroom materials, on-trend bathroom colours ideas and mood-boosting lighting to create a luxury bathroom that will conjure up the peace and serenity you deserve.

Furthermore, the advantage of investing in a luxury bathroom is that it will improve the value of your home. When prospective buyers are looking for a new home, the bathroom is one of the first rooms they look at. If you have a nice bathroom that is upgraded with luxury and quality fixtures, your home will demand a higher price from the market and will sell faster.


  1. Luxury, all-white family bathroom: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/luxury-bathroom-remodel

  2. Contemporary and transitional luxury bathroom redesigns: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/cosy-family-home-re-design

Dark Green or Blue Bedrooms

We live in colour, dream in colour and surround ourselves with colours that we’re attracted to. The colours you select for your home, especially your bedroom, profoundly affect your emotions and energies - even your sleep. Dark green or blue bedrooms have been proven to promote a good night's sleep.

There is a reason the cool side of the colour spectrum is so popular when it comes to decorating ideas in the bedroom. Blue and green are calm and tranquil colours, but they have far more personality than sedate neutrals. Put them together, and you have a palette that is full of life. As an added benefit, cool colours make a small space look larger, perfect if your bedroom is smaller than you'd like.


  1. Dark blue & grey scheme bedroom: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/new-family-home-design

  2. Minimalist Style Bedroom with Dark Blue Feature Wall: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/minimalist-style-home-design

  3. Masculine Bedroom with Navy Blue scheme: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/three-bedroom-apartment-renovation

Bespoke Joinery

Bespoke joinery involves making customised timber items to fit individual requirements. Many bespoke items are designed to optimise space in a building. They can include built-in wardrobes, a coffee table, cupboards, shelves, bannisters and a range of storage solutions.

When you invest in a bespoke joinery project, you can guarantee that the fit, finish and quality are far superior to off-the-shelf solutions. Ideal storage solutions, period mouldings, a stunning staircase in your living room. These features all add value to your home while enhancing your living space. These kinds of bespoke touches are highly desirable, transforming your interiors and adding significant value to your house should you come to sell it in the future.


  1. Bespoke snug joinery and an entirely bespoke kitchen: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/old-coach-house-georgian-property

  2. With bespoke joinery we created a better flow on the ground floor: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/coastal-home-redesign

  3. Bespoke joinery took a centre stage in the remodel of the ground floor: https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/field-house-remodel

Here at Katie Malik Interior Design, we develop an entirely fresh interior design for our clientele. The team looks forward to meeting you to hear your aspirations and challenges. Whether your taste is transitional, lux, modern or contemporary, we will be able to push the boundaries of what you thought possible. Contact the team today!