KM Studio’s Guide to Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

Bedrooms are our private sanctuaries, a considerably personal space where individuals should bask in their individuality and feel exceedingly comfortable. Between small spaces, mismatched bed linens, accessories and a designated chair drowning in clothes yet to be put away, it is easy for our bedrooms to look messy and poorly designed. To enrich you with a luscious space to be proud of, the team at Katie Malik Studio are on hand with 'The Guide to Bedroom Interior Design'.

KMS's Favourite Bedroom Designs

Whilst design trends are ever-changing, the following are yours to utilise to create a beautiful bedroom space and are amongst the present favourite trends of the design team at Katie Malik Studio:

Blue Colour Scheme: There has been an emergence in bedrooms decorated with a blue colour scheme - and for a good reason. From feature walls to intricate wallpaper designs, blue tones make the perfect 'hue' for a bedroom.

Bespoke Items: The team at Katie Malik Studio frequently utilise the expertise of sought after suppliers and artisans; to find incredibly unique and desirable bedroom furniture and accessories that can finalise the interior design of a bedroom. Enriching a space with such bespoke items and statement pieces is a great way to demonstrate personal taste and elevate the property's uniqueness.

Walk-in Wardrobe: Perfect for storage and instilling luxury into the bedroom space, a walk-in wardrobe is among our favourite bedroom interior design components. Utilising the space available, KMS team of Interior Design specialists are experts in creating beautiful walk-in wardrobes.

KMS's Interior Design Tips For Bedrooms

Bedding: White bedding or undesirable mismatched bedding can compromise the entire effect of a design. For this reason, you should source bedding that is both comfortable and complementing your newly designed bedroom interior. Additionally, to help your space feel best, we advise equipping the master bedroom with a quality bed frame.

Colour Scheme: Consistency in colour is of the utmost importance. Upon deciding on a colour for your bedroom walls, choosing eye-catching accessories and furniture complementary to the colour scheme is crucial.

Storage: Inadequate storage space can swiftly lead to an overcrowded and messy bedroom; therefore, creativity is essential! From under bed storage to shelving or cupboards, finding a place for your stuff is considerably important when designing a space.

Lighting: Selecting the right curtains or blinds can significantly impact the feel of a bedroom; therefore, lighting is a priority when designing an interior! Furthermore, combinations of various light placements such as ceiling lights and bedside table lamps can add to the atmosphere of the bedroom.

With a portfolio spanning a diverse range of prestigious properties, the team at Katie Malik Studio are proud to extend their award-winning interior design services across London and Cambridge. When looking for an intricately designed bedroom interior that compliments your space considerably, look no further than the KMS team. For more information or your bespoke quote, contact Katie Malik Studio today!