KMI | Designer Interiors Decorating Secrets

When it comes to modern interior design, it's not just something that some people have a gift for. The eye of design of commercial or residential interiors is something that anybody can have - putting it into practice is another task in itself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same can be said for luxurious interiors. Interior design is an art that we can experience and live in. While it’s helpful to reach out to an interior designer to design your private residences, sometimes it doesn’t need to be necessary, especially if it's something small like where to hang a picture, or where to place the new plant. Sometimes it’s all about knowing the right secrets that only those specialising in interior design know. The following industry design firm secrets can be major game-changers to how you decorate your space and create interiors.

Reuse what you have

Reusing what you already have not only saves you money, but it’s far more eco-friendly as well. Creating a beautiful space and sustainability truly has the potential to go hand in hand. Interior Designers have the ability to reuse what’s already there. Reworking pieces that you already have can help in creating a layered effect without having the space look cluttered. Plus, there is always the option of repurposing items you already own through DIY projects, such as painting them or adding on elements. This not only creates a new piece, but you save money as it was something you owned.

Bring in Natural Elements

Natural materials are very versatile pieces that can bring so much texture to your home. This can include wicker, reed, grass, and even just having some plants in your home. Bringing nature inside your home has the power to make your space look gorgeous, but it also helps you be a part of nature. Bringing the outside in has positive effects such as making people in the household more productive but also makes you happy by lowering stress levels.

Have a statement piece

Suppose you look on Pinterest, magazines, look-books, or even visiting boutique hotels. In that case, chances are you’ll notice a particular furniture design item that grabs the attention of any other in the space. These are statement pieces. Statement pieces can come in a variety of sizes and can range from decorative accents to furniture and everything in between. Murals have become very popular; these statement pieces tastefully decorate the walls for homes.

Bring in some tech

Having an intelligent home helps to make your life a little easier, but it can help boost the appearance of your home. This can include smart lights, devices that fully open curtains, and even mirrors.


Out of all the interior design secrets, one of the biggest ones is to know how to harness the power of lighting. Lighting can be artificial lights or natural sunlight. The more natural light, the better. Natural light can show off desirable undertones in furniture, flooring, and the wall. But it also creates a sense of calmness in the space too. Artificial lighting also has powers as it helps direct the eyes to where most attention should sign.

The space you’re decorating will depend on the type of artificial lighting that complements the room. For instance, when it comes to the kitchen, undercounter downlights are ideal because it draws attention to the counters while pendant lights emphasize kitchen islands and dining room tables. Katie Malik Interiors is a Cambridge and London based design studio specialising in renovating properties.