Did you know that, as a guide, five to ten light sources, all on dimmer controls, can be sufficient, to effectively lit the space, depending on the interior?

Did you just realise you have only two? 🙂

When designing lighting in a space, we must maintaing a balance of different sources of light, and ideally think both creatively and practically about their use, direction and control. Therefore, understanding different types of lighting is absolutely crucial.

Ambient lighting

Understood as general and the main source of light in a space. If a room is lit solely by ambient light, it can be a bit bland…

Ambient lights, however, are essential source of lighting, and when dimmed, can create different moods in a space.

bulkhead ceiling light- Porta Romana

This bulkhead ceiling light has a substantial feel and structure yet yet an attractive softness in it’s line. The light fixture requires Candle bulbs which provide the features of translucent wax together with a flickering fire, presenting every one of the traits of real candlesticks. Because this type of light so closely appear like real candlesticks, it would create a very atmospheric, gentle feel to any space.

Cross Braced Ceiling Light in bronze- Porta Romana

Cross Braced Ceiling Light in bronze with cylinder putty silk shade with Perspex diffuser, can be a very expressive piece of art as well as good ambient light source. When dimmed, it can create a very cozy, romantic atmosphere, and when not, it can lit the whole space very well.

Task lighting

Used when a light is needed for a specific task, such as reading, chopping, sewing etc. Task lights should be found in a place where you read, cook, do work etc.

Cama task light

Flexible energy efficient LED bedside reading light is ideal for use as a task light either side of a bed. It also has a push hold dimming, which can regulate the strength of light, and act either as a strong light for reading, or when dimmed, create a nice, atmospheric feature and, for example, illuminate feature cushions on the bed, creating even a dramatic effect.

Tolomeo reading lamp-Artemide

This reading lamp features signature design and aesthetic of Tolomeo trademark, but offers light output and energy efficiency vastly superior to current-generation LED lights. It produces natural white light and its shade can rotate 180 degrees which improves the quality of area needed for reading or any other task. Its base can also rotate 360 degrees which facilitates positioning of the lamp.

Decorative lighting– my favourite 🙂

Decorative lighting brings texture, focus and shape to ambient lighting. It can add depth and shade to different objects or textures available in the space. Decorative lighting can include table and floor lamps, downlights, uplights, and halogen spotlights.

Wall Light-Porta Romana

This is a classic, simple wall light providing good quality, forward projecting light without glare. The light is nickel plated with frosted glass, which obscures the clear surface of the glass, and enhances the beautyof the lamp. This adds warmth and style to any décor.


Circular with a contemporary glass and chrome finish downlight great for providing illumination. It would be good to create general ambience, and help light objects. When on dimmer, it could be used to create both soothing and energising moods.

Picture light- Porta Romana

This picture Light has simple and clean lines and is made of brushed nickel. The light will illuminate any artwork and help bring out its features.

The Crystal Strata lamp – Porta romana

The Crystal Strata lamp is an impressive lock of cast glass, and the beautifully sculpted neck finished in brass. The light that plays across the textured surface is quite gorgeous. The colour of the fabric allows the light that comes through to be warm and highlight the soft texture indicating the fineness of the fabric.

An example of creatively lit space:

Why is the lighting designed well?

Because it combines ambient and decorative lights. Here, task lighting is not visible, but often in the living room, it’s generally a good idea to have one task lamp close to a ‘reading spot’, being it either an armchair or end of a sofa.