I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that probably everyone has experienced the same or similar problem of a ‘neglected space‘ in their house or apartment…Unused corners which turn into ‘piling’ corners, where all unwanted items end up being ‘temporarily stored’, space under stairs which becomes another rubbish pit (Know this one from my own experience…see below).

Sometimes, it’s a question of making the most of what we have and create, what I like to call, opportunities in the space. This requires, however, some research, planning and design…

Very recently, I decided to finally make the most of the space under stairs in my house. I have researched different solutions, materials, finishes and presented the sketches (which then turned into drawings for the joiner) to my husband… After a bit of negotiation (an important part of any design process), we have changed a really horrific pile of items into nicely organised, easily accessible and practical shelves (with the increased volume) that make use of every inch of space and tie in with the scheme of the entrance/staircase.

While you may find that open shelves might not be your preferred option, this works well for us, and doesn’t make already quite a narrow corridor feel even smaller and narrower.

If you have a wider corridor, you could try some pull-out drawers/cupboards like these with extra seating:

Under stairs isn’t the only space that sometimes we fail to include in our space considerations. Under bed is another area which, depending on the type of bed, doesn’t receive a lot of thought. Things just end up there…by accident 😉 If you’re complaining about lack of space to store your massive collection of books, DVDs or CDs, why not use this neglected space for these sorts of items?

On the note of ‘lack of space’ and ‘where do I put X’, think outside the box! Be inspired by these space/extra storage solutions:

And finally, space around windows, which we don’t always know how to utilise effectively in an aesthetically pleasing manner. A DIY bench, if you prefer to do it yourself, is a great, simple solution:

This is how this neglected corner, close to the window, has been transformed on one of my projects: