Because it’s Monday, and because blue hues are excellent for a relaxing time in your bedroom; when in February 2017 I was preparing material for my Space design for well-being talk, I came across some interesting findings:

  1. Blue is the perfect colour for bedrooms; according to Edinburgh Sleep Centre, people who sleep in blue bedrooms, increase their sleep time to 7 hours 52 minutes- who doesn’t love the idea of almost 8 hours of restful sleep?

  2. Blue evokes calmness, and lowers your heart rate and reduces blood pressure…so how do you fight those Monday blues? In a blue bedroom 🙂

Below is a blue-silver grey scheme for a bedroom as an inspiration 🙂

Monday Bedroom blues

Blue Fabric Scheme: Casamance, Metaphores, Verel de Belval, Vescom

Happy Monday!

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