Many of us face the challenge of limited spaces we inhabit. In addition to this, our needs usually change with time, as our jobs, likes, family life change throughout our lives. This means we might need to transform an existing space to ensure it is suitable for activities that have to take place there. This brings us to the case study of one of my very recent projects- a multifunctional office & music room.

My client needed a space for 1) working from home and 2) for playing & studying music; for the latter, we needed to think about all the existing music equipment that needed to be incorporated in the room. The challenge was not only for this room to be designed in a way that caters for these activities, but also, not to feel as office. The room needed to be designed in a way that if was flowing with the colour scheme, style and feel in the adjacent Master Bedroom.

After taking the brief, I proposed my client the following solutions, which after being sketches, were transformed into visualisations.

I’m going to mention that my client appreciated the possibility of having visualisations as it allowed her to actually see how the space is going to look like. If you’d like to find out how we work at Katie Malik Interiors, read about our design process.

Solution #1

Two foldable desks with built-in bookshelves for a large books collection, and a seating bench which doubles as housing for amplifiers.

This visualisation allows us to see there is extra capacity for folders or books inside the desk; there’s also a special folder shelf above the desks.

This view allows us to see the amplifiers bench; why would you want extra seating if you can just plug your guitar and sit comfortably?

This view shows us how the space looks like when desks are closed; I think we’ve achieved a great balance here and the room doesn’t strike us as too ‘officy’.

Solution #2

One foldable desk and one fixed desk with clever shelving under and above the desk. Amplifier/seating bench stays the same as in solution 2.

This is a slightly different solution to the same space; if having at least one permanent desk is a must for you in your home office space, this is a good compromise; especially if you need to accommodate two people working, but one working only occasionally.

This view shows two main elevations with a desk being closed. It definitely feels more ‘office’ like but I think we managed to escape that feel pretty well.

What do you think? Which solution appeals to you more?

Do you struggle with a space and need to create solutions that are the right answers to your dilemmas? Find some inspiration on our blog and in our portfolio or simply contact us to discuss how we could help.

Special thanks to studio34 for excellent job on visualisations.