Open Plan Living Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking to redesign your open plan living and need some inspiration? Katie Malik Studio is on hand to help you revolutionise your space with some of the studio’s favourite open-plan space interior design ideas. From fixtures and fittings to decor and colour, knowing where to start, particularly if you are beginning from a blank space or redesigning a pivotal room. It is also essential to create a comforting and practical space. If you’re looking to modernise, renovate, build, or improve your home interior design, look no further than the following living room Interior Design Ideas from Katie Malik Studio.

Open Plan Living Layout

One significant step to designing an open plan living is developing the layout. No matter what size or shape your space is, most people will design their living room around the TV. This may seem like the most efficient way to arrange your furniture; however, there are other layouts you could consider to best suit your families needs.

One idea to best suit larger open plan spaces would be to have purposeful zones. You could have a sofa area purely for watching TV, a dedicated area for reading with cosy blankets next to a window or side lamp, or even a dining zone. By considering a variety of layouts, you can be sure that the design would work for you and the space perfectly.

Styles and Decor

Planning which type of style and decor to use is crucial in the design process. Individuals will likely be spending a lot of time in the open-plan spaces, whether for quality family time or a relaxing moment by yourself, so take your time researching what style and aesthetic you all want for such an important space. From paired-back luxury to laid-back California style, many decorative directions are to be explored.

The prestigious Katie Malik Studio portfolio features a variety of styles, ranging from Luxury through Coastal to Scandinavian. Different eras and styles can be mixed to create a beautifully unique design - however, you should first consider the age of your property and if you want a distinguished era-based style like art deco from the 1930s or boho from the late 1960s.

Following are some of Katie Malik’s top tips for the interior design of open plan living spaces:

  • Carefully consider lighting to create an inviting environment that encourages your loved ones to get cosy;

  • Various large mirrors can be used to create more depth in the space;

  • Big pillows on the sofa can create a luxurious and comfortable feel;

Make Small Living Spaces Feel Bigger

Is your living room space short for size? Struggling to make a room feel more significant is a common quiver of interior design; for this reason, the following are some techniques to open up your space. One strategy is to add quality lighting, as it can make your smaller living room feel warmer, brighter and bigger. Layering lighting is essential to make a room feel taller or wider, for example, pendant lighting, lamp lights, or wall lights.

When choosing a colour palette, it is crucial to consider the space as ‘one cohesive space’ instead of incorporating a number of colours and patterns. Using various colours will split the room up, making it feel dramatically smaller. This means you should opt to stick to a tonal palette like cool tones like greens and blues or warmer tones of rusts or beige.

For Interior Design expertise that can revolutionise your space, the highly recommended Katie Malik Studio services are second to none. The above design solutions, trends and industry insights are sure to transform your open plan into one you’re considerably comfortable and proud to lounge in. For the latest in Interior Design, be sure to visit the Katie Malik Studio website. To enquire regarding working with the KM Studio team, contact us today!