After a long summer break, I am back with many interesting ideas which I hope to be sharing on more regular basis…

About three weeks ago we (me and my husband) became owners of a beautiful cat named ‘Blue’ 🙂 Since then, our living room has changed a bit, as it started reminding of a peppered with cat scratchers and toys, disorganised space… I must say, as much as I love Blue, I very much dislike that mess in the living room…but what if the design incorporated the elements for pets? It might be a bit challenging at first, but since we share our living spaces with animals more and more, it is not very difficult to find many clever solutions which would certainly please both the owners and their pets…

Awesome Furniture For Pet Functional And Decorative Items : Fancy Wooden Design Cat Rest Bedfor Minimalist Interior

The soft shape of this ottoman would definitely please any cat, but could be also used by the owners, not only for sitting, but for storing small objects.


I hope very soon I will be able to present you with some clever pet solutions