The weather has been very kind to us in Cambridgeshire-you can already see and smell the Spring 🙂 With more sunny days, we slowly move from indoors to outdoors; while many of us try to create a perfect living/lounge zones inside our houses, some of us forget about the same, but outdoors.

While browsing for interesting stuff during my design Tuesday, I came across this very eye-catching outdoor set by Swoon Editions, and this it’s in one of my favourite colours, I could not keep it secret for long 😉

The material this gorgeous set has been made of is a cutting-edge EcoleneTM, a synthetic wicker that won’t splinter and is able to withstand mildew, mould and extreme temperatures, yet still feels like natural rattan; a fantastic blend of lightweight aluminium with wrought iron and a DuPontTM finish.


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