Who doesn’t have an empty wall which needs that little something to bring it to life, to make it interesting and practical at the same time? Another artwork if you have plenty already? Probably not, if you don’t want to be repetitive. Also, putting artwork everywhere might not be such a good idea. Not confident about using art? Check my post about using art in interiors.

So, how about a shelf? An unusual hexagon shape shelf that would create an interesting 3D effect on your wall?

I’ve spotted it when browsing a magazine; it’s available exclusively online from Urbanoutfitters for only £25.00. If you have white walls and would the shelf/shelves to blend in more than stand out, use the white one/s; otherwise, experiment with colours and mix white and grey, white and navy, or all three together. You can use it to display books, place keys, there might be even a space for your favourite cacti.

I’m tempted to use this shelf in my rather small entrance hall, which I started redecorating; you can see what I’ve managed to achieve so far here.

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