The Added Value Of An Interior Project Coordinator

Upon undertaking a project within your property, it is easy to become consumed with the pressure and stress surrounding a swift and perfect completion. Not only can this significantly impact the cost and completion time of your property, it can lead to impulsive decision making and ultimately jeopardise the progression of your project.

To prevent you from compromising your Interior Project, Katie Malik Interiors have written the following blog to detail the added value of hiring an Interior Project Coordinator for your works. Moreso, the team is on hand to offer their services of Interior Project Coordination.

What does an Interior Project Coordinator do?

An Interior Project Coordinator has the responsibility of overseeing all work, progress and communications of a project. As a convention of competency, a project manager must be confident in managing the following six aspects of a project; scope, scheduling, finance, risk assessment, quality control and resourcing.

The day to day management of a project includes adhering to a set budget, itemising the costs of both materials and labour, efficiently scheduling work, overseeing progression and completing the works within the promised timescale of a project.

The benefits of hiring an Interior Project Coordinator

Competency: An experienced Interior Project Coordinator will have the means to complete a project within the agreed timeframe. This is owed to their niche ability to source materials, remedy issues that could potentially arise and communicate with fellow industry professionals - such as builders, suppliers and interior designers.

Less Stressful: Whether you are redecorating interiors or entirely renovating a property, trying to manage a sizable project in your own home leads to unrelenting stress. Enduring this pressure will negatively impact your wellbeing and soon compromise the project entirely. Employing an Interior Project Coordinator helps to prevent such stress affecting the owner of the property and ensures the swift, competent completion of the Interior Project.

Experience: The accumulated experience of an Interior Project Coordinator makes them a professional you can trust. Optimally arranging the schedule of interior works and managing it accordingly will be of second nature to them. Having no conflicts in the scheduling of works, and instantaneously knowing how to remedy common problems means the project will be completed most efficiently - and to a high standard.

Why choose Katie Malik Interiors for your Project Coordination needs?

The team at Katie Malik Interiors is proud to combine experience and expertise to offer Property Renovation, Project Coordination and Interior Design services. From residential properties projects to commercial property projects, the Katie Malik Interiors online portfolio showcases a variety of past projects. View our Portfolio here - *insert link*

The competence of the individual overseeing the progression of a project is crucial; from scheduling works down to the finalising details. To ensure the perfect development of your property’s interior project, the expertise in Interior Project Coordination of Katie Malik Interiors is yours to utilise. For more information about working with the team, contact us today.