The Four Key Elements of Luxury Bedroom Design

Among one of the most intimate rooms of a property is the one in which you sleep. Whilst interior design ultimately reflects individual style and preference, basking in the luxury of a lavish hotel room often inspires individuals to furnish their home design and personal bedrooms accordingly. Encapsulating the atmosphere of such prestigious properties is a speciality of interior designers. Katie Malik Interiors encourages elegance through careful consideration of the following luxury bedroom design elements:

The Bed Structure

In addition to being the site of a quality night's sleep, the bed will act as the centrepiece of a grand and luxurious master bedroom. The bed itself will ultimately dictate the aesthetics of the entire room, as it is the focal and functioning point of which the bedroom is centred around. Necessary decorative elements of a bed, adhering to the aesthetics of luxury bedroom design, should include luxury colour palettes, quality frames, pieces of furniture, mattresses, headboards and high quality, luxurious bedding accessories - throw pillows, sheets, and covers.

Symmetry; The Principles of Feng Shui

Feng Sui is a traditional practice originating from ancient China, where energy forces are utilized to healthily harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment - something exceedingly important in the Bedroom; a place of unique sanctuary. A symmetrical setting ought to be present when opting for a luxurious bedroom design, for example including two sets of pillows and bedside tables, with lamps.


Highlighting the decorative materials and elements of a room are pivotal when seeking to achieve a prestigious, luxury feel - this is why both colour and lighting are among the most significant of factors of interior design.

Multiple lighting points add a complimentary element of sophistication, of which can both relax and accentuate the bedroom. The incorporation of fixtures such as bedside or table lamps can enhance the luxury feel of a bedroom, through multi-layering lighting effects. Additionally, hanging fixtures provide both a practical source of lighting, whilst allowing for a thoroughly thought out bedroom look.


The colour palette of a bedroom is a very personal element, therefore it is of the utmost importance to get correct. Upon consultation with Katie Malik Interiors, our team of extensively experienced designers will utilize their expertise to enhance the unique contours of the bedroom; whilst creating a colour-infused atmosphere that contributes to your sense of self whilst creating a room of un-compromisable luxury.

As industry leading interior designer working in Cambridge and London, the Katie Malik Interiors team is equipped with an elite level of expertise and professionalism. Apparent in our diverse range of property work, is our keen attention to understanding what it takes to significantly enhance a room, to suit the requirements of our clientele. Our prioritisation of detail, and keen eye for both lavish and luxurious design is unmatched; and means that there is no other interior design company that could utilize your design desires to create a prestigious luxury bedroom. Whilst the above elements are vital to encouraging the unique luxury of a bedroom, should you wish to further regarding our design services, contact the KMI team today.