Design is a process, and as every process, it starts with deciding on the scope- what is that we’re trying to achieve? It’s particularly important to think about the answers to this questions for a number of reasons I’m going to try to explain below.

First of all, once you decide what you need in your space, it will be easier to go through the process. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be, not only for you, but also for an interior designer, should you decide to involve one in helping you with your project. I’d like to add here that an interior designer is trained to ask the ‘right’ questions, and hence can help you decide on what you want to achieve, which could be beneficial particularly if you feel you ‘don’t know’ or ‘are not sure’. Of course, interior designers’ may have different ways of extrapolating information they need to start working on a concept design, but you should be very cautious if there is no formal ‘brief’ stage when you meet an interior designer for the ‘getting to know YOU meeting’.

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Recently, I had clients approaching me about a project, and thanked me for being so interested in them, ensuring I understood what they were trying to achieve- I must admit, this situation has inspired this post, as I learnt with time, their previous experience with an interior designer, differed quite a lot in terms of a brief, and hence was rather unsuccessful.

TIP: It is about you and what you need in your space! I can’t emphasise it enough how important it is that your home reflects you. On that note: interior designers are also trained to make the most of the existing space, so we always strive to achieve the best design, and there’s a big element of trust. So yes, you should trust your interior designer.


How to choose an interior designer?

I always advise to first look at the portfolio of work; why? Because if you don’t like what you see, I would advise against contacting the person. If you think that the style of interiors completed by this particular interior designer is too far apart from yours, try to find a different designer whose work resonates with you more.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

Industrial style bedroom 2- window niche after

Also, there’s another important factor: the way an interior designer works, and here we are coming back to the issue of carrying out design work in a professional manner, which obviously increases the chances of obtaining the best results for YOU, as the client. In August 2016, I published a post about the Design Process, which briefly explains how it should look like; I follow the process recommended by BIDA (The British Institute of Interior Design), and I can’t emphasise enough, if an interior designer’s way of work does not reflect the stages recommended by the institute (which you can find out about during an initial meeting), then seek more information before signing a contract, especially, if the project does not start with a detailed brief…This can potentially lead to a lot of confusion, disappointments etc.

British Institute of Interior Design

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On Katie Malik Interior’s website, you can find out about design stages and what each one involves.

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