In September 2015 I made a post about whether it's worth hiring an interior designer, and I can see more and more of my clients opt for this service, and are very pleased with what they receive in exchange. In this post, inspired by a recent meeting with one of my clients, I’d like to explain more about the value of involving an interior designer in the project coordination/management.

In my service packages, I offer Interior Design and Project Coordination Package, which covers, apart from full design service, procurement and project management. Most of my clients contact me asking specifically for this package because they are too busy to organise the project; the package includes, among other things, organising procurement, finding the right contractor, obtaining quotes, ensuring all works have been carried out as agreed, on time. I’m sure some of you, who have had some sort of decoration done in their house or apartment, realise it takes up quite a lot of time and what’s more, some contractors’ quotes aren’t necessarily the most accurate, so the client ends up paying for things which they thought were agreed, but were not actually included in the quote.

So, this is where having an interior designer manage the project saves time, money and a lot of hassle. An interior designer ensures all works that need to be carried are executed, and makes sure they’re done within an agreed timescale. All the negotiations with a contractor are done by an interior designer, which means you don’t have to take time off work or use your lunch break to make stressful calls, just to give an example.

Something that some of you and certainly my potential clients ask about is the cost of such service. One of my clients, who inspired me to write this post, asked how I charge for project management. She has worked with an interior designer before and admitted this was the part she didn’t feel entirely satisfied with because she was charged hourly, and could never quite track the number of hours the designer actually spent managing her project. I was, on the one hand, quite surprised, but on the other, quite happy she’s mentioned that, because my project coordination service is very different. What I offer to my clients is a fixed fee based on my involvement in the project. There are certainly mane benefits of that; first of all, it’s a very transparent way of charging for my time, and it means the client will not have to worry about going over the budget because of too many site visits, which are not trackable. Time spent managing the project is estimated based on my experience with past projects, and included in the fee proposal. I approach it from the point of view of a client; if I hired an interior designer to manage a project for me, I would like to know how much this particular service is going to cost in advance.

I hope this post demonstrates that Katie Malik Interiors is truly dedicated to help clients save time and money, and make their return on investment.