Hire or not to hire an interior designer? Many would probably say straight away “No, I can’t afford one” or “Interior designers work only with rich people.” It’s true that appointing an interior designer requires some financial commitment, but you would be surprised how much money you can actually save by hiring one.

Some of my clients have told me they are very happy they decided to appoint me (an interior designer) because they feel I’m interested in how they live, and what they want to achieve in their projects. All of that is true, and in addition to this, by hiring me, they save quite a lot time and hassle, and most importantly, money. Sounds too good to be truth?

The design fees an interior designer charges, work out more or less for the difference between the retail and trade prices. Majority of things a designer purchases on the behalf of a client are sold at trade prices, it being bespoke pieces of furniture, designer fabrics, designer lighting etc. the list is endless.

In addition, a designer is usually well-connected with other tradesmen, and is in the position of negotiating the prices down more than a retail customer.

All in all, hiring an interior designer works out better not only financially, but it is also safer form a design point of view. If your car breaks down, unless you know how to repair it, you take to the garage, correct? Then, why not hiring someone who knows about how to use colours, what pieces of furniture would go well into a space, what fabrics would go on the sofa, what window treatment would look best etc.

Hope this short post has helped dispel a top myth about interior designers being to expensive to hire. Besides, feeling good in your own home is priceless…