Do you also associate luxury with bourgeois, accumulation of lavish objects, collections of art or cornices with 24-carat gold leaf? The new luxury trend means something completely different; it’s about respecting uniqueness and age of objects. What does it mean in design? It’s about saving rather than changing completely; it’s about making subtle changes, which are environmentally friendly. It should be about making the best of what we have, so recycling & reusing rather than throwing away and buying new, which means saving money for homeowners; here are some examples of how something that could have been replaced with something new, was reused and breathed in a new life:

What does it mean for designers?

The new luxury goes with a very strong design trend called “Nature Luxe”, which we will see emerging in the next 2 years, as stated during the Trend Forecast at Clerkenwell Design Week. Nature Luxe is all about a harmony between earthiness and glamour, comfort and beauty, rawness and refinement. It means luxury tempered by nature, which translates into using natural materials along with luxurious details.

Sounds like nature luxe is for you? Start recycling, reusing but don’t forget about a touch of luxe