Ever think of indulging yourself in a comfortable chair, putting a make up on seated in a beautiful piece of furniture that is so inviting that’s almost irresistible…? I dream about it every day I put my make up on the rocking train…;-) one day i will definitely get one of these treasures:

Christopher Guy

This beautiful crossed-legged stool can be upholstered in any colour of velvet. The crossed legs in brass add not only elegance but playfulness…

My next choice is this amazingly elegant and almost princessy vanity chair with a cut detail, also by the same New-York based designer, Christopher Guy:

This one is simply beyond sophistication…I love beautifully adorned chair’s arms!

Who’s’ behind it? The same, fabulous designer:-)

Christopher Guy

The last one I want to share with you is this simple, yet sophisticated, and affordable stool from India Jane, upholstered in sumptuous mink velvet… Seen it in action! Absolutely stunning!

India Jane

Let the indulgence begin!